Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S03, Ep25-26 – Annihilation Earth

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 3
Episode: 25-26
Title: Annihilation Earth
Original Air Date: September 27, 2015

Links for the first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Raph: That dino dude would have stomped you into a Casey puddle in about five seconds flat.

* Donnie: Guys you do realize we are still in horrendous trouble, right?
April: So what do we do?
Mikey: We kick their Jurassic.

* Splinter: First we must destroy the black hole machine. That is the priority. If we cannot stop this weapon the world will be destroyed.

* Dinosaur: The only thought the creature seems to have is for a substance called pizza.

* April: Maybe you can do the right thing for once in your evil life. Even be a hero for a change. That is, if you still love Karai.

* Raph: Turtles were definitely not meant to go to space.

* Leo: I’m asking you one last time before I take this whole ship down: let the earth survive or be destroyed.

Synopsis: The turtles, April and Casey are in the shellrazer. April is shocked that there are more aliens out there then just the Kraang. Donnie tells them they are being followed. It’s a Kraang. They find a message with a chess piece, a bishop. Raph is worried that it’s a trap. It’s just the one Kraang. He does not wish to fight. He’s a Kraang defector. He tells them the Triceratons are coming with enough fire power to destroy the entire solar system. He also tells them the Kraang have fixed the technodrome. The Tricertons and Kraang have fought over Dimension X for millennia. Splinter tries to give Leatherhead comfort about his friends. The guys bring Bishop back and Leatherhead freaks out. Splinter is quite worried when he mentions the technodrome. The Kraang try lifting the technodrome and it fails. Two turtles head under water to try and take it out before they can raise it. The second attempt works and its surfaces. Leo gives the ground team two minutes to blow it up. It goes south in the battle. Leatherhead flips out and gets stunned. The topside team crashes the blimp into the drome. It makes a big hole when it blows up. The Triceraons show up and the Kraang are not happy. The Trikes make an announcement over tv airwaves that they are going to destroy the Kraang and the planet. The turtles steal some of the Kraang ships to try and fight off the Trikes. The drome is taking heavy fire. The Trikes are about to blow up the drome and the city. The drome is destroyed and sinking back under the water. In the sky, the Trikes are hauling a ring towards the city. The power is going out all over the city as the Trikes drain it to power up their weapon. The turtles start fighting in the square. Bishop gets killed. Splinter and the Mutanimals arrive. They have to stop the weapon from being triggered. The Trikes start imprisoning them in circles. They are forced to retreat with those who are left. Mikey is taken up to the ship. He tries to save Earth. Splinter tells them they have to stop the black hole generator first. Up on the ship, they are about to kill Mikey. They are going to remove all of Mikey’s earth and Kraang knowledge. It doesn’t work like they want it to. He’s having a blast. He tells them he knows all the secret bases where the Kraang hide in dimension X. This gets their attention. Meanwhile, Splinter has decided that they will have to ally with Shredder to stop the Kraang. Splinter and April are under attack by Shredder’s minions. Shredder tells them to stop, he wants to know why he of all people have come. Shredder asks about Karai. He tells her she’s alive but has vanished. Leo tries to fly Mikey’s crashed ship and has some trouble. They get into outer space and locate the mother ship. The Trikes attack. They crash into a ship and attack it. But more come at them. The main ship is rotating and powering up its massive gun to blast them with. The survive by teleporting onto the ship. Splinter and Shredder and company are all working together now. Donnie tries to save Earth. Mikey figured out how to teleport them back to earth. April breaks them out of their prison circles. The countdown timer has started on the black hole generator. The fight ramps up. Splinjter and Shredder run for the black hole generator. Shredder attacks Splinter. April becomes so angry she blasts Shredder. The black hole generator activates. The turtles and April are heartbroken over Splinter as he appears dead. Everyone and everything is slowly being sucked into the black hole. A small space ship appears and tells them to hurt they don’t have much time. The Trikes all disappear. The turtles, April and Casey all get aboard. They watch the Earth shatter from space. Everyone is frekaed out. The droid introduces himself as Professor Honeycut. They are about to embark on an adventure.

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