The Big Bang Theory S02, Ep02 – The Codpiece Topology

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: The Codpiece Topology
Original Air Date: September 29, 2008

Favorite Quotes:

* Leslie: I’ll leave the details up to you. I think it’s better if you assume the male role.

* Leonard: What’s so unusual about me having a date?
Sheldon: Well, statistically speaking…

* Leonard: If science ever discovers a second member of your species and would like some privacy I’ll be more than happy to get out your way too.

* Sheldon: Oh please, the only way she can make a contribution to science is if they resume sending chimps into space.

* Sheldon: If you’re having trouble deciding where to sit may I suggest one potato, two potato, the Leslie Winkle methodology?

* Penny: If Leonard and Leslie want to be together there is nothing you can do to stop it.
Sheldon: You continue to underestimate my powers.

* Penny: If you are really Leonard’s friend you will support him no matter who he wants to be with.

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Synopsis: They come back from the Renaissance fair. Sheldon didn’t have a good time because he found everything so inaccurate. Penny finds them in the hall and hopes they ha da good time. She introduces everyone and then leaves. It was awkward. Back in the apartment, they start picking on Leonard for his lack off dating life. The four get into a fight. Next day at the college, Leslie Winkle pops over at their table. She wants to talk to Leonard. Leonard tries to make an exit but fails. Howard texted her that Leonard is a free man again. She wants to go out again. She wants a traditional relationship. They talk about a date that even more like a business transaction. That night, Sheldon arrives with his Nintendo 64 from his mother. Leonard says he has a date coming over. Leonard asks him to make himself scarce. He would like privacy. He hangs out in the stairwell playing on his laptop as Penny comes down the stairs. He tells her he’s exiled to the stairs because Leonard has a date. They have a strange conversation. Leslie arrives and walks between the two for her date with Leonard. Penny says they have a lot in common. Sheldon actually seems a little pissed off that everyone has a date but him. While eating, Leslie suddenly asks Leonard how many children he would like to have. She moves on to genetic weaknesses. Sheldon comes in and plugs in a lengthy extension cord to run his laptop. He mentions the baldness in his family. Sheldon comes back he needs to use the bathroom. They say good night in yet another odd way. Penny comes up the stairs telling her date about Schrodinger’s Cat. Her date just doesn’t get it. Leonard gives her a good night kiss to make Penny jealous. Leslie thinks it’s not adequate and kisses him back. Penny gets jealous and starts kissing her date. They are both doing a little too much to make the other jealous, though they are making each other slightly crazy. Leslie ends it when she practically falls on the ground. Once Penny sees Leonard has gone in she stops kissing her date, says good night and slams the door in his face. At lunch, Sheldon decides that he is not going to that fair any longer. Raj ropes him back in. Leslie pops by. The switch tables so Leslie can sit with them. There’s another date with Leslie and Penny consoles Sheldon in the hall. Sheldon actually asks Penny if she is sure things couldn’t work out with her and Leonard. He tells her that Leslie Winkle belittled her research. He withdraws all his objects to her and Leonard’s relationship. She says they are just going to be friends for now. Sheldon takes a wrong turn in logic. Penny gives up. Sheldon interrupts again. He gives a small speech about supporting him. Leslie and Sheldon get into a nerd fight and put Leonard in the middle. The fight goes in a whole different direction about their future children. This is a deal breaker and she ends it with him. They go back to the fair and Sheldon is dressed as Spock.

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