Star Wars 1977 #1

A group of underground freedom fighters have just won a battle against the Empire. The Empire is worried that another loss could strengthen support for this group. They are building a giant battle station to ensure their victory.

Currently, an Imperial Starship is in hot pursuit of a rebel spacecraft over Tatooine. The droids aboard, C-3PO and R2-D2 are afraid. On the planet, Luke leaps into his landspeeder and heads to town.

On the ship, Darth Vader now has control. He searches for the information tapes. He commands that the ship be searched for passengers. C-3PO finds R2-D2 with a girl. He asks R2 what they are to do. R2 has a mission. The pair get to an escape pod and head for safety. Meanwhile, Princess Leia is discovered hiding. She tries to flee, has to fight back and gets stunned.

On Tatooine, Luke finds his friends at the station. Biggs has come back to say goodbye to everyone. Luke tells Biggs he saw a space battle above them.

Darth Vader confronts Princess Leia and demands the tapes. However, she claims to be on a diplomatic mission. He calls her a liar and a traitor and states she’s a part of the rebel alliance. He sends her to the brig. She is his only link to finding the hidden rebel base. He tells an officer to send a distress signal and blow up the ship. Tell her Father and the Senate that all aboard were killed. The officer also tells him an escape pod was jettisoned. Darth Vader instructs him to find it as that is where the tapes are.

The escape pod crashed in a desert and C-3PO and R2-D2 barely get out. They argue and go their separate ways. R2 is captures by Jawas and taken to their sandcrawler. Biggs says goodbye to Luke, he’s joining the rebellion.

Lead of the Imperial Army meet to discuss Darth Vader and the Rebel Alliance. Tarkin and Vader join them. Tarkin announces that the Senate is no more. Moving forward they will rule by fear. The Death Star plans are discussed. Vader assures them that they will be found. An argument breaks out, Vader becomes angry and force chokes someone. Tarkin calls Vader off and states he has faith in him.

Back on Tatooine, C-3PO and R2-D2 are reunited on the sandcrawler. C-3PO is freaking out. The sandcrawler arrives at Luke’s place. His Uncle selects C-3PO and a different R unit. It breaks down and R2-D2 is selected instead.

Luke works on the two droids in his workshop. Suddenly, part of Leia’s message is projected. “…Obi-Wan Kenobi… Help me! You’re my only ho–” Luke is taken with the image. C-3PO says that it’s a private message for his master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke doesn’t know an Obi-Wan but he knows a Ben. He takes the restraining bolt off of R2-D2 to try and see the whole message.

At dinner, Luke asks his Aunt and Uncle about Obi-Wan Kenobi. Uncle Owen loses his temper and demands a memory flush on the droid. Luke asks about going to the Academy. His Uncle, of course, will not let him go. Aunt Beru defends Luke. Uncle Owen worries he’s too much like his father.

Luke goes back to his workshop, but can’t find the droids. Finally, he finds C-3PO. The droid tells him R2 ran off on his “mission.” C-3PO thinks he is malfunctioning. The next morning Luke and C-3PO head off looking for R2.

Stormtroopers land on Tatooine. They find the escape pod. Luke and C-3PO are closing in on Ben Kenobi’s place. Something pops up on Luke’s scanner. The landspeeder is in the sights of a Tuskan Raider. But it doesn’t shoot. They all leave on the Banthas. Luke finds R2-D2 in the canyon. R2 detects creatures and they try and take cover as the sand people attack.

To Be Continued

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