The Big Bang Theory S02, Ep01 – The Bad Fish Paradigm

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: The Bad Fish Paradigm
Original Air Date: September 22, 2008

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Favorite Quotes:

* Howard: Did you make a second date?
Leonard: No, we decided to wing it.
Sheldon: Even I know that’s lame.

* Raj: He was a lot more fun when he had no hope.

* Penny: Do you think if Leonard and I keep dating he’ll eventually get bored with me?

* Sheldon: When I try to deceive I have more tics than a Lyme Disease research center.

* Sheldon: When did we become friends?

* Sheldon: This mind doesn’t forget. I haven’t forgotten a single thing since my mother stopped breastfeeding me.

* Leonard: I didn’t do anything, he’s just gone insane.
Raj: We all knew this day was coming.

* Sheldon: I’m perfectly comfy sleeping on a bouncy castle.

* Howard: Go to sleep.
Sheldon: I’m trying, I’m counting Catwomen.

Synopsis: Leonard tries to explain the yogurt she is eating isn’t really yogurt. He gives her a good night kiss and sees a camera has been installed to peep on them. She gets nervous and he tries to calm her with a math problem. Leonard goes in the apartment and asks why they did it. Howard lists examples of stupid things he’s said on dates. Howard tries to point out all the negative signs. Even Sheldon sees issues. In the laundry room, Sheldon is folding clothes. Penny just dumps all her clothes in a single load with a random amount of detergent. She asks Sheldon if Leonard has ever dated a regular girl, as in a non-brainiac. He’s horrified at her socks. But she asks a loaded question and he asks her some weird questions. She admits that she felt insecure around Leonard. She then tells Sheldon he can’t tell Leonard any of this. He freaks out about keeping a secret but it turns out he was trying to tell a joke. She explains an aspect of friendship. Another day, Sheldon is boring Leonard while walking up the stairs. Penny pops down. Leonard asks her out to a movie but she kind of blows it off. Sheldon then speaks in crazy words and seems to have a melt down again. As Sheldon goes on he starts having tics. Sheldon then does his version of running out of the apartment. He winds up at Penny’s. Sheldon proves why he can’t keep a secret. Sheldon goes back to the apartment and tells Leonard he’s moving out. Leonard is confused. Howard and Raj come over. They saw an exhibit on cadavers. Sheldon tells them he’s moving out. Howard and Raj start going through a laundry list of questions that may have upset him. Sheldon comes out with his prepacked disaster evacuation bag. Sheldon guilts Raj in to letting him stay with him. Sheldon and Raj leave and it’s just Leonard. He sits in Sheldon’s spot. At Raj’s Sheldon has a lot of complaints. Sheldon insults one of Raj’s favorite actresses. The doorbell rings at Howard’s and it’s Raj dropping off Sheldon. He puts Sheldon on an air mattress in his room. They wake Howard’s mom and she is not happy. Howard switches with Sheldon. He starts counting X-Men characters out loud. Howard now brings Sheldon back to the apartment. Howard drugged him and he still kept talking. Sheldon starts talking and mentions Penny. Leonard pushes to get Penny’s secret. He tells her Penny lied about not graduating community college and is afraid she’s not smart enough for Leonard. Sheldon then puts Leonard’s work down then goes to bed. Leonaord goes to see Penny with a brochure for a community college and tells her Sheldon was drugged and told her secret. The brochure does not go over well. Leonard goes down a rabbit hole, but at least he knows it and he’ll try to fix it.

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