Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S03, Ep18 – The Deadly Venom

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 3
Episode: 18
Title: The Deadly Venom
Original Air Date: May 17, 2015

Links for the first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Karai: If you don’t let me go, I’ll rip off your wings and shove them down both your mouths.

* Karai: Now I’m going to poison the turtles one by one.

* Karai: It’s over Leo. You and your friends are finished. Finally, after all this time. Put them with the others. I want to admire my trophies.

* Splinter: April, the poison is still inside of you. I can slow it down but only you can defeat it.

* April: It wasn’t really snakes that nearly took us out, it was Karai.

* Splinter: You saved her once, perhaps you can save her again.

Synopsis: Karai is strapped to a table in Baxter’s lab. He’s putting the worm in her ear to put her under Shredder’s control. It works. In the lair, Splinter and Leonardo are training. Splinter is still recovering, and so Leonardo won. He uses a special healing chant to heal a wound. He teaches Leonardo how to do it. Casey and April are getting out of the movies. Casey is hyped up from the movie and it’s annoying April. Casey walks her home. There’s a moon in the sky and April is in a mist. A giant snake is chasing her. It was nightmare and she wakes up. But when she lifts her blanket there are a several snakes. Kirby rushes her to the turtles lair to try and get her help. Casey is riding home when the Foot Bots surround him. He tries tot get away and warn the turtles. He succeeds as Karai watches. She then drops in on him to say hi. She fights with him. She gives him some kind of kiss of death. It’s from her venom. He’s out cold as she walks away. April’s condition is getting worse. Raph gets the SOS from Casey and Leo has him take Mikey as back up. Donnie is running out of ways to save her as the venom is not responding to any of his antivenoms. Raph and Mikey find Casey in bad shape. They put him in the turtle van and race back to the lair. A bunch of snakes come off Casey and they attack Mikey and Raph. Splinter appears by April’s side. He has an ancient healing mantra to try and help. Leo gets a call from Raph but it’s actually Karai. Splinter begins as Leo and Donnie head topside to try and save Raph, Mikey and Casey from Karai. As Splinter speaks the mantra he starts to glow and so does April. She seems to be responding in some way. Suddenly, she is calm. Splinter has stopped her condition from getting worse, but the danger has not passed. Leo and Donnie are trying to reach the location Karai gave them, but they hear Karai’s voice overhead and also show symptoms of venom poisoning. They realize they’ve been poisoned. She has her men put them with the others that she has captured. Leo, however, starts repeating the healing mantra Master Splinter taught him. For Leo, it works. He tries to tell Karai about the brainworm. She doesn’t listen and they fight. Back at the lair, Splinter continues to help April fight the venom. Leo says the mantra again, and Splinter is saying it at the same time. Splinter helps April again. Leo starts glowing. Karai tries to attack him again, but it’s like he’s super charged. April wakes up at the same time. Leo gathers up the guys and takes them back to the lair. He and Splinter uses the mantra to heal them all. They each slowly wake up. April tells them it was Karai who bit them. Donnie realizes it’s the brain worm. Leo feels guilty for not being able to save Karai. Splinter points out that he has already saved her once, a second time in the future may be possible. He also points out that he showed great skill as a healer and that that is a rare gift. The rest of the turtles come over and thank him for saving them. Raph sings his praises. Leo accepts it.

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