Elementary S04, Ep07 – Miss Taken

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 7
Title: Miss Taken
Original Air Date: January 7, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gregson: You may not know Grove Ogden, but he seems to know a lot about you.

* Joan: Thanks Dad. Or should I call you Grover Odgen?

* Joan: So you took three cases this guy couldn’t solve in his career and solved them in a few hours?

* Sherlock: At the very least Captain, the Davenports deserve to know if they have a killer under their roof.

* Sherlock: You are one of the best liars I have ever met, and that’s saying something.

* Joan: You’re almost as good of a liar as she is.

* Gregson: What are the chances of this happening one day after her running a con?

* Joan’s Dad: I missed you Joanie. That’s the real reason I wrote about you.

* Cassie: I hope you come to my trial.
Sherlock: Think you can lie your way?
Cassie: I do.

Synopsis: Gregson calls Joan into his office. He shows her a book. At a work site where they are clearing trees. The wood chipper is jammed. The jam gets pulled out, it’s a badge for the FBI. He’s retired. In the morgue, they discuss the personal remains and that fact that the man was retired. They bring his wife in for questioning. They don’t understand why the man was where he was. The wife tells them they were separated. She tells them when they moved back to New York, he started working his old cold cases. Joan goes to visit her parents and confronts her father (stepfather) about the book he wrote. She reads him the riot act. She’s not happy that so much non-truth has been put in the book. And the name he used, well she’s even less happy about that. She insists that he call his publisher and pull the book. Joan arrives at the brownstone and finds paper everywhere. Sherlock has pinned up the three cases he was most likely to solve. Each has its own room. He has solved each of them. There is another case he had pulled as well, Mina Davenport. He was likely closing in on the kidnapper, who has never been caught. The three go and visit Mina’s parents. Her parents tell them what their daughter has become. Mina comes downstairs. They exit. Sherlock tells them the sketch of Mina’s kidnapper is a fraud, but so is this Mina. This Mina is not actually their daughter, but an imposter. In Gregson’s office, he shows them the difference in the ears that proves she is not Mina. Sherlock thinks that the dead agent was onto the imposter. There was a DNA test that confirmed it was her, but the toothbrush used for the test disappeared right after. The Davenports bring Mina with them to the station. They speak with Mina first. She tells quite a story about being held and how she escaped. He accuses her of lying. The Davenports don’t believe it and they take Mina and leave. At the brownstone, they discuss Mina. Sherlock mentions the book. He tells her the book is completely not offensive because of how far off point it was. The doorbell rings and it’s Mina. She wants to talk. She admits she is not Mina. She tells them that no one took Mina, they killed her. She volunteers to tell them everything as long as they don’t prevent her from collecting the $5 million trust fund. She’s brutally honest. She tells them that Richard lied to them and that Nancy taught her everything she needed to know to be Mina. Richard is the one who killed the FBI guy. Sherlock accepts the deal and provides her with two bugs. Joan questions Sherlock’s actions. He actually gave one bug and one flash bang. This way when it detonates they can search the house without a warrant. The next day, the bomb goes off and Gregson, Sherlock and Joan show up. The search has turned up nothing yet. Joan explains to Sherlock why she was so upset about the book. Meanwhile, sherlock finds one of the cars has blood on the break peddle. At the brownstone, Joan’s father shows up. He tells her he spoke with the publisher and the book won’t be an issue. He then hands her a manuscript in a box. It was the sequel. He tells her he’s missed her. Sherlock calls Joan and tells her the blood is Underhill. Davenport has gone to the police and confessed to killing Underhill. They opt to arrest him so they can get his DNA and prove this false Mina isn’t his daughter. The weird thing is that the DNA test matches. Bell comes up with something interesting. The daughter was born of an affair. They bring Mrs. Davenport in. They explain to her what they are thinking. They did a nation wide search. They came up with some answers. This person was the real Mina. They have found the real Mina. She is still alive. Normal Ott had her this whole time. Joan offers to take Mrs. Davenport in to see her real daughter. She remembers her mom. Joan goes back to visit her dad. She gives him permission on both books. She likes the sequel better and she also made some notes. The imposter is now in jail. Sherlock meets with her and asks some questions. She invites him to her trial. Can she lie her way out? He walks away.

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