Elementary S04, Ep02 – Evidence of Things Not Seen

Show: Elementary
Season: 4
Episode: 2
Title: Evidence of Things Not Seen
Original Air Date: November 12, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mr. Holmes: I thought to be a great detective one had to be a great listener.

* Mr. Holmes: I want to thank her for saving my son’s life.

* Sherlock: In a nutshell, Agent Burke, they’re perfecting the art of brainwashing.

* Sherlock: A murder investigation is not a three legged race.

* Sherlock: With him there is a cost. The toll always comes due.

* Sherlock: In my experience, those with a great deal of power always want more.

* Joan: The Chinese didn’t do it.
Sherlock: Worse than that Watson, I think three people died for nothing.

* Joan: Let me make one thing clear: If you’re going to be part of Sherlock’s life again I won’t let you hurt him.

Synopsis: Mr. Holmes has arrived to help. He wants to have him restored to the NYPD. He wanted Sherlock out of sight. That’s why he sent him to New York. He tells him he respects him and is proud of him. He leaves Sherlock with a standing offer to have them reinstated. He would also like to meet Joan to thank her. Elsewhere, a guy is participating in a study, but he exits early and finds everyone monitoring it dead. He then is shot as well. The next morning, Joan comes down stairs. She tells Sherlock they have a crime scene which is a job interview. It’s the lab case. It’s an FBI case, the murders that just took place. They meet with the agent at the scene. They meet with the people heading the projects. In the lab, Sherlock is perplexed by a dead rat. Sherlock points out that the victim had to have known the killer based on the requirement of keycard access. Her keycard is missing. At the brownstone, Sherlock tells Joan that his father would like to get them reinstated with the NYPD. They have a discussion of Mr. Holmes. Joan doesn’t think it’s possible, but Sherlock assures her that he wouldn’t say he could do it unless he could do it. When she asks if he accepted, he tells her no, they are a team and should decide together. Later, Sherlock finds a possible clue. At the apartment, Joan finds a noise complaint letter against the suspect. The FBI team tries to ping the stolen computers, since they are from DARPA, they have a tracking device. They are out of range of the system. The agent basically brushes them off saying this case will be concluded quietly and looks perplexed as Joan disagrees. They look up and see a billboard in Times Square with the suspects face and name. They both get questioned to determine if they are the leak. Once cleared they are back on the case. Sherlock manages to keep them on it. He’s a drummer and Sherlock thinks he’s going to a conservatory to practice. The FBI goes to check. Sherlock stays and Joan goes to meet with Mr. Holmes. It’s a strange conversation. At the scene, Sherlock goes to the coffee shop across the street. He winds up going in the underground part of it. He comes back up with one of the computers in a trash can. Burke gets a call, the suspect has turned himself in. His lawyer is most unhelpful. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock discuss Mr. Holmes. Sherlock is still working on the case. He stole the data off the computer and finds that China is not involved. He’s learned that the algorithm was in effective for brainwashing. They are still pondering the next day. They move into another direction. An ex-spouse in love with the work. They track the man down. He’s a bit odd. He thinks they are his followers and when they introduce themselves his hopes are dashed. Sherlock plays him like a fiddle. Turns out he was up to date. She used the same password as always. He’s been spying. He thinks the man who funded the project is to blame. Joan goes back to the FBI office and does some searches. Burke comes over and checks up. She fills him in on Mayer. He’s a bit surprised. She returns to the brownstone, but empty handed. Sherlock bought his fathers now ex-favorite tea again. Joan recognized it. Sherlock tells her that he is going to take his father up on the NYPD offer. Joan’s not quite read but will be back when she is. Sherlock and Joan go to visit the woman heading the project. She’s in line to take over the DARPA budget. They lay out evidence but she thinks it’s funny. In turn she gives them permission to go through all her files, phones records etc. They can be the first to vet her. The two conclude going through it all. They find nothing. Sherlock is very irrigated. However, sudden inspiration strikes. He asks Joan about dissecting a rat. Sherlock has solved it somehow. It wasn’t a person they were looking for but a device. The dead lab rat comes back to haunt her. Agent Burke, hands her a subpoena for her cane to seal the case. Joan pays Mr. Holmes an unplanned visit. She asks him about the property he sold. She figured out how he got Sherlock’s charges dropped. Joan tells him they want to go back to the NYPD but she doesn’t want him to hurt Sherlock again. Mr. Holmes looks at Joan a bit differently as she leaves.

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