Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S03, Ep11 – The Pig and the Rhino

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 3
Episode: 11
Title: The Pig and the Rhino
Original Air Date: Mart 8, 2015

Links for the first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Beebop: How’d you find me?
April: Cuz you don’t shut up.

* Donnie: Your skills are week pighead.

* RockSteady: Rhino legs very fast. Good workout. Better than pilates.

* Leo: You can come home with us. We’ll take care of you.
Karai: No, too dangerous. My mind is going.

* Leo: Why did you tell us how to find you?
Karai: Wanted to say goodbye to all of you

Synopsis: The Rhino and the Warthog roar in anger. Shredder puts them in their places. He tells them to find his daughter a second time. The guys are watching cartoons in the pizza place lair. Leo calls a meeting and they try to figure out what Karai meant by “comet.” Donnie finds three locations that have Comet in the name. They split up and go search each location. Before they leave Donnie gives each time a dose of retromutagen. Beebop and RockSteady are out looking for Karai, but they change course and go after the turtles instead. Beebop tracks them to Comet Cleaners. While Donne and April leave the cleaners she gets a feeling they are being watched. April and Donnie fight with Beebop. Beebop snags the retromutagen and the turtle phone. He throws them both into the back of a truck. Raph and Casey are at the movie theater. RockSteady shows up and scares them both. Rocksteady throws a car at them. He is not affected by Raph’s attack or Casey’s exploding pucks. He captures them both. Leo and Mikey are checking out Coney Island. They don’t think she is there, but then they get a glimpse of her. She heads to the haunted house. They are both creeped out but they finally find Karai and are now following her. She is very much a snake and has trouble remembering. She is not able to transform back into a human. A van drives up and Karai takes off. Beebop is behind the wheel and has two of the team, while RockSteady arrives with two more of the team on his shoulders. April is pissed and screaming. Mikey goes out and provides a distraction. He tries to give them new names. Beebop tries to shoot Mikey with the retromutagen. RockSteady realizes they could be human again and start fighting over it. They all get out of the van. They try to distract the two, so that they can find Karai. Mikey gets Rocksteady up on the rollercoaster tracks and then turns it on. He gets to ride the coaster after all. But Rocksteady creates a detour and takes Mikey hostage. Leo and Raph trick Rocksteady to save Mikey. Meanwhile, Beebop is about to attack April, but a flying turtle crashes into him. They find Karai and spray her with the retromutagen, but it doesn’t appear to have any effect. Donnie explains that she’s special. Leo invites her to come home with them, they’ll take care of her. But she feels its too dangerous as she is less and less herself. Leo is upset and asks her why she led them to her. She wanted to tell them goodbye. She leaps into the water and swims away. Everyone is upset. Beebop and Rocksteady have gotten away. Karai, however, gets trapped and brought to Shredder.

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