‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot Casts Patrick Stewart as Bosley

Former Star Trek and X-Men star Patrick Stewart is set to join the roster of the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot movie, where he will be playing Bosley, beloved helping hand to the angels.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stewart is in final negotiations to play the role, in the film directed by Elizabeth Banks. However, there is a twist with this version of Bosley. Banks, in addition to directing the film, will also be playing Bosley at some point. That’s right, multiple Bosley’s are on the way.

The piece doesn’t go on to reveal why there are multiple Bosley’s, or if there will be more than the two played by Banks and Stewart.

Throughout every iteration of Charlie’s Angels to-date, Bosley has remained a major part of the story. The character has long acted as the face of the detective agency’s mysterious owner, Charlie Townsend.

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