Book: Raging Heat by Richard Castle (Nikki Heat 6)

Rook has returned from an overseas assignment. Heat lets him back in the car with her to ride along. But things get a little wild when an illegal immigrant falls from the sky. Rook decides he’s going to work the case with her and turn it into his next big story. There’s just one problem, Rook concludes that based on what he’s found that Nikki has arrested the wrong person for this murder.

This revelation not only puts Nikki’s job in jeopardy but also her relationship with the writer. Both only want the truth and the real killer behind bars. As they get closer to the real answers Hurricane Sandy mercilessly hits land and floods the majority of the roads. While stuck in the hurricane they also get chased down by a group of mercenaries, apparently hired by the guilty party.

Who fell from the sky? Is the man Nikki arrested innocent? Who’s trying to kill them to prevent them from finding the truth? Does their relationship survive?

Click either link to get a copy and find out.



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