Elementary S03, Ep18 – The View from Olympus

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 18
Title: The View from Olympus
Original Air Date: April 2, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: You think someone killed Barrow for another reason but wanted it to look like an angry cab driver.

* Joan: Are you hiding? Are you hiding…here in my office..from Agatha?

* Joan: She wants to have a baby with you?

* Bell: You’re DNA’s already on file. So why not get out in front of this.

* Joan: So we might have caught the killer but he was just the weapon. Someone else wanted Barrow dead.

* Sherlock: By all means. We’re all advocates of civic duty here.

* Sherlock: Your describing a level of omnipotence that’s usually ascribed to God and Father Christmas.

* Agatha: You are without question the most remarkable man I’ve ever known. You’re brilliant, strong. You’ve made a career out of helping people. There should be more of you in the world.

* Sherlock: I wager, pun intended, that Patrick Kemp was murdered over gambling debts.

* Sherlock: I have everything I need right here.

Synopsis: Joan arrives at the brownstone. She sees a blanket that gives her pause. Sherlock offers to put her up at a very posh hotel for the next three days. He explains and she’s surprised. She takes the hotel. Meanwhile, a man sits in his car while its parked and gets rear ended. As he checks the car he gets run over, not once but twice. The next day, Sherlock’s guest has arrived. He’s even made her breakfast. Sherlock gets a call form Det. Bell. He ends up arriving on the scene late. Joan and Bell are already there. Sherlock finds vomit on the pavement in the area of the accident. Bell gets a message that a cab came back with a lot of front-end damage. The cab company owner thinks it could be a solo driver that did it. The three meet at the garage with the dead mans car. He’s narrowed down the make and model of car that killed the man. Only five of that make and model are still active cabs and all are fine. Sherlock thinks that it was just set up to make it look like an angry cab driver killed him. Joan arrives at the brownstone and meets Agatha, who is quite happy to meet her. She finds out Sherlock is in her office. Sherlock has discovered Mr. Barrow was an internet journalist. He admits he’s hiding from her. She wants a sperm donation. It drove him to hide in her office. Bell calls and he’s tracked down a cab and it’s been stolen. They bring the cab owner in for questioning. He’s got the marks of an air bag deployment all over his face. He tells them the whole story. Someone blackmailed him into doing the murder via text message. His phone does have the evidence to prove he’s telling the truth. Sherlock and Joan go to talk to the website owner he worked for. At the brownstone, they go over his recent work. There was a drug connection. Sherlock is still quite disturbed at Agatha’s request. Joan goes to visit the store the suspect worked at. She learns he had another address. Turns out it was his boss’s apartment. Now the hit on Barrow could have been done by her husband. She arrives with her attorney to tell what she knows. She tells them she was being blackmailed as well. She shows them all the text messages. Something in the message’s triggers something for Sherlock. Both blackmail victims used the driving service. They pay the ride sharing service a visit. A subpoena is served for information. Sherlock goes to see Agatha and he thinks that his father has a hand in this. She admits that it was his fathers idea. She tells him the truth about her decision. He’s actually left speechless. Sherlock finds Joan in his media room trying to go over the Olympus records. To trace the moves of the two victims. Joan gets a call from a woman who’s brother worked a Zooss as a programmer, he was murdered last month. She comes in and they talk. Sherlock and Joan go to see where he lived. He was obsessed with sports and Sherlock thinks his death was related to gambling debts. Sherlock finds the cases for a number of burner phones. Joan finds evidence on his laptop that he was the blackmailer. Joan finds Sherlock in the media room the next day. He’s trying to figure out who knew Kemp was blackmailing people. Sherlock believes he knows who the killer is. There’s a singular customer that kept getting very creepy emails. She went to the police. The new head programmer has been stalking her via the Zooss service. Agatha and Sherlock meet, but not at the brownstone. He explains how he perceives things, how it’s actually painful. She sees in a new light. Joan comes home that night. He tells her he’s not giving Agatha his sperm. She gets them ice cream.

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