Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S03, Ep02 – A Foot Too Big

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 3
Episode: 2
Title: A Foot Too Big
Original Air Date: October 10, 2014

Links for the first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Leo: You brought Bigfoot home?

* Bigfoot: Bigfoot love Donnie.

* Donnie: This is so uncomfortable. Bigfoot keeps following me around like a lovestruck puppy.
Raph: Now you know how April feels.

* The Finger: Bigfoot’s a lady? The Finger can’t shoot no lady.

* Donnie: I get it now. Donnie is to April as Bigfoot was to Donnie. I get it now. I’m just a mutant.

* April: You’re not just a mutant Donnie. You’re my mutant.

Synopsis: A deer drinks as a strange hunter approaches it. He talks to a shrunken head, and even makes the voice for it. The bigfoot creature sneaks up on him. Donnie is working in his shop. He’s made a jewelry box for April. He gives it to her and she’s taken aback. Raph tries to cheer him up with some training in the forest. They’re not adjusting well to all the trees. They are going to play turtle hunt. The penalty is stiff if they lose. Donnie and Mikey hear a sound that freaks them out. They climb a tree and find the bigfoot in it. It pulls up a tree and mimics what Donnie did with his staff. Raph heads into the forest looking for them and finds them. They all start trying to attack bigfoot, but it doesn’t work well. Bigfoot can figure out ways to counter their weapons. Donnie learns that bigfoot has an injury. Donnie thinks its actually a species of human believed to be extinct. It can communicate a bit in English. He’s clearly very scared. The hunter guy is following him the whole time and likely caused the injury. When they arrive home everyone is quite surprised. Donnie gives a science lecture about Bigfoot being the missing link. The Bigfoot tells Donnie about the bad man who’s after him. Then tells Donnie he loves him. He proceeds to kiss him on the cheek and nearly squeezes him to death. Later, Donnie is out in the workshop and Bgfoot comes to visit. Then he watches a movie sitting on Bigfoot’s lap, while eating popcorn. Back in the forest Raph asks Bigfoot to teach them how blend in when the hunter attacks. Everyone comes back. Bigfoot says he’s scared. Bigfoot is cooking in the kitchen and when he opens the freezer and ice cream kitty scares him. He asks April for a makeover, it turns out that Bigfoot is a girl. It helps Donnie realize how he’s making April feel. Bigfoot is outside and overhears some jokes that Casey and Leo make. She’s upset and runs back into the forest crying hysterically. The turtle’s fun into the forest after her. As upset as she is she falls into a trap and is caught by the hunter. Donnie and Mikey run into to help. They find themselves hanging. Bigfoot is tired up in a cart. They upset him enough to get him to fire and rotate around to get freed by it. The three battle. It turns into a strange wrestling match. Donnie beats him with his own explosive bolts. Bigfoot tells him it will be ok. They seem to make a love connection. Back at the house, April is chopping wood. Donnie apologizes to April. April tries to make him less sad by giving him a kiss on the cheek.

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