Hot Six (Stephanie Plum 6) by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie, a haphazard bounty hunter prone to killing cars, reaches an entirely new low on a personal level.

More cars die, though according to her it’s not her fault. She gets stuck babysitting Joe’s new dog, but there’s a catch. He’s not house broken or potty train. He also pukes up anything he eats. That stress triggers an acne breakout.

Those are small potatoes though when Ranger gets accused of a mob hit. Without his help she tries her best to get to the bottom of what’s going on. But she still has to deal with all the enforcers tailing her and still finding her skip. He’s a peach who abuses his wife and has other unsavory habits. In this case, he’s tried setting Stephanie on fire.

Is Ranger innocent of what he’s accused of? How many cars die painfully in this adventure? Does Joe keep the dog? Does Stephanie catch her skip?

Click either link to get a copy and find out.



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