Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep19 – Bye George, I Think He’s Got It

Season: 3
Episode: 19
Title: Bye George, I Think He’s Got It
Original Air Date: April 25, 2012

Guest Stars:
Joan Rivers: Anka
Jon Lovitz: Artie
Kevin Nealon: George

Synopsis: Joy announces to the ladies that she is marrying George. They are all shocked. Elka tells them her twin sister is coming to visit. They had a fight and haven’t spoken in 40 years. But they don’t remember what the fight was about. Joy throws out George’s ugly shirt. Then gets a call from him that he wants to be buried in it. She goes out to retrieve it but Artie is wearing it. He’ll only give it back if he gets a makeover. Victoria and Melanie volunteer to give him one so Joy can get ready for the wedding. The makeover is a success. However, Artie won’t return the shirt until…

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Hot in Cleveland S03, Ep13 – Tangled Web

Season: 3
Episode: 13
Title: Tangled Web
Original Air Date: March 7, 2012

Guest Stars:
Steven Weber: Kyle
Curtis Armstrong: Clark
Christopher Gorham: Casey
Greg Berger: Barry the Parrot (the voice)

Synopsis: Joy eats a dozen emergency donuts, but Elka is upset because she wanted a doughnut. Victoria comes down and tells them about a spider she stole from Clark. It’s venom removes wrinkles. Oh and the spider is loose. While the house is being fumigated Max lets them stay at his cabin. Melanie’s new boyfriend “Kyle” is coming too. Once he arrives Joy sees him and is in shock. Melanie freaks out as she did not know KC was Kyle. Luckily, a religious person comes to the door and Melanie convinces him to stay the night and be Casey. However, he has the hots for Victoria. Once they retire, Elka goes to Joy’s room to sleep with her. Casey goes to Victoria’s room to sleep with her. And Kyle sneaks up to Melanie’s room to sleep with her. While kicking him out…

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Click on either link to grab the third season of the show, it’s a great way to support the ladies and have some serious laughs.

Amazon Hot in Cleveland: Season 3

iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 3 – Hot in Cleveland

Book: High Five by Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum #5)

Stephanie’s Uncle Fred has disappeared and then a body turns up in a garbage bag. Her Grandma Mazur has bought a stun gun that she is itching to stun someone with. She only has one jumper to catch and he’s a small angry little man. On top of that some bookie is following her and her cars keep disappearing or dying in a matter of days. She still can’t decide between Ranger and Morelli. Oh yes, and that small angry man she is trying to catch has taken up residence in her apartment.

Why is the small angry man Stephanie is chasing now living in her apartment? Do any cars survive this book? How many of Stephanie’s car’s meet their demise? Does Grandma Mazur use her stun gun on anyone? Who’s the body in the bag? Where is Uncle Fred?

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iTunes High Five – Janet Evanovich

Book: Four to Score by Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum 4)

Stephanie has a new case: a seriously pissed off waitress, Maxine Nowicki. She has quite a few helpers this time. Her 73-year-old grandmother and Lula have returned as her sidekicks. But there is a new member on the team now. His name is Sally Sweets and he is a musician and transvestite. And he’s well over 6 feet tall (not counting the heels).

The plot thickens when those who Maxine knows or have seen her start turning up dead. Stephanie’s rival Joyce Barnhardt also joins the chase. Threats start flying and suddenly Stephanie finds her apartment blown up.

Does Stephanie make the collar? Who blew up her apartment? Do Joe and Ranger come to the rescue?

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iTunes Four to Score – Janet Evanovich

Book: (Stephanie Plum #3) Three to Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum has a new case. To catch the local candy shop owner, Uncle Mo. However, everybody loves him and now they are out to get Stephanie for attempting to do her job.

Grandma Mazur is also on a man hunt. Might be best for them to hide if she still has that gun of hers.

With Lula helping on the chase too it’s bound to be insane.

How many tries does it take Stephanie to catch Uncle Mo? Does Lula sit on anyone? Do anymore cars meet their untimely end?

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Amazon Three to Get Deadly

iTunes Three to Get Deadly – Janet Evanovich

Book: Two for the Dough [Stephanie Plum #2] by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie is back at the bounty hunting game. But this time she’s brought her Grandma with her.

The funeral home will never be the same once Grandma Mazur starts attending viewings like they are movies. Hopefully, all the bodies remain intact in their coffins.

This book has more cars that die. A classic powder blue Buick that seems invincible. A high octane chase through a mall in purple high heels. Even body parts being delivered.

She is chasing Kenny Mancuso. He’s a distant cousin to Morelli, which makes things far more interesting. Morelli wants to catch him first, so it’s a bit of a competition. For some unknown reason Kenny shot his best friend.

However, she and Morelli’s mutual attraction complicate everything.

Does she catch Mancuso with Ranger and Grandma’s help or does Morelli suceed in beating her to the capture?

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Amazon Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, Book #2)
iTunes Two for the Dough – Janet Evanovich

Book: One for the Money [Stephanie Plum, Book #1] by Janet Evanovich

This is the first book in this series. We meet many characters:

  • Stephanie Plum – She is out of work. Her car gets repossessed. She has to drive a powder blue Buick from the 50s. She tries to be a bounty hunter.
  • Grandma Mazur: A little old lady always looking to get into trouble. She shoots a chicken. Not to kill it though as it’s already dead and cooked.
  • Vinnie: Stephanie cousin who is a bail bondsmen. He gives her a job as a bounty hunter because she blackmails him.
  • Joe Morelli: This is Stephanie’s on again and off again boyfriend. He’s hot, he’s Italian, he’s a cop.

In this book she’s hard up on her luck. She lost her job and her car. She has to drive around the buick which she hates. She blackmails her cousin Vinnie to give her a job as a bounty hunter till she can get back on her feet. She gets a bond jumper for a $10,000 bond. She doesn’t have the equipment or the skills to catch this guy. She winds up having a psycho boxer after her. She makes some new friends and nearly gets them killed. This book is the ultimate comedy of errors. I won’t mention what happens to the poor cars in this book. You’ll have to read that yourself. I recommend some tissues. As you read this book you’ll laugh so hard you cry.

Amazon Click here to get a copy of One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, Book #1)

iTunes One for the Money – Janet Evanovich

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