Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S02, Ep 25-26 – The Invasion

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 2
Episode: 25-26
Title: The Invasion
Original Air Date: September 26, 2014

Links for the first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mikey: April, you gotta pick your friends more carefully.

* April: Oh my gosh. Irma was a—
Kraang: KRAANG!!!

* Raph: The invasion’s started! Back to the lair!!

* April: This is so messed up. My best friend for the past year was a Kraang!

* Splinter: Corner a rat and see what happens.

* Splinter: Don’t stand here like a fool Yoshi. Find your family.

* Casey: What is going on?
Raph: The Kraang perfected the mutagen. They want to turn the planet into dimension X.

* Mikey: Don’t worry Mr. O’Neil, the reality is way worse than your nightmare.

* Mikey: Dude, his shell is cracked!

* Splinter: Rage is a fuel that burns quickly.
Shredder: Always the wise one.

* April: We’re not running. We’re going to put an end to this.

Synopsis: Shredder sits on his throne thinking about Karai. Shredder video chats with a Kraang Prime. They form a weird alliance in return for the Kraang un-mutating Karai. April and Irma are walking outside when they get attacked by Foot Bots. Raph and Casey are patrolling. Casey asks if April ever asks about him. At the lair, the team is working on a plan to stop the Kraang invasion. Donnie comes up with a machine. Leo wants to establish a second base. Meanwhile, April and Irma escape the Foot Bots and go down in the sewer. Casey gets busted by some cops who don’t seem all that real. The turtles continue their debate while April and Irma arrive at the lair. At the sight of the turtles Irma starts freaking out. She morphs into a super Kraang. The Kraang subprime inside goes on a crazy rant. Then opens a lot of portals. Raph can see the portals popping up everywhere from his vantage point. Kraang’s are flowing out. The two cops arresting Casey are also Kraang. The lair is now under siege by the Kraang. Mikey manages to get the upper hand on the Irma-bot but then it splits in two. They change focus and go after Splinter letting the turtles narrowly get away. Topside, Kraang robots of giant scale are attacking. Donnie and Leo start fighting but get interrupted by a Kraang portal. Another Kraang battle ensues. Leo distracts them by splitting off from them so they can head to the turtle mech. Portals open in the sky with Kraan aircraft. Mikey calls Raph and lets him know they are going to April’s apartment for her dad. In the sewers, Leo hears the Kraang say they much obtain the turtles for Shredder. They get to her apartment and Mr. O’Neil freaks out and faints. The view out the window is apocalyptic. Shredder is enjoying the chaos too much. In the lair, Splinter and the weird Irma-Kraang continue to battle. Splinter wins, but the lair is very badly damaged. Leo gets out of the sewers to find a small army of Foot Bots. He partially escapes but they chase him. Shredder and his minions watch the fight from above. The citizens of New York are overwhelmed at the Kraang. One of the bots starts spraying mutagen. The turtles and April watch the news. April decides she wants to fix it. Raph texts Mikey, he and Casey are almost there. An army is brought in to try and stop the Kraang. Meanwhile, Shredder begins to have Leo finished permanently. In the sewers, Splinter is trying to safely get topside. Leatherhead arrives and helps Splinter. The two join forces to locate the turtles. Leo is still battling one Foot Bot after another. He falls into a great pit. Shredders’ top three minions then attack him (Tiger Claw, Razr and Fish Face). Leo is knocked out by Shredder. He meets Splinter when he exits. The two battle. Raph and Casey make it to the apartment. Leo is then thrown into the apartment. Shredder and his minions yell for them to come out. Another battle takes place. Mikey drops a fridge on one of them. They run to Mr. O’Neil’s party wagon and while standing there Mr. Kirby gets mutated again. Back at the construction site, Shredder and Splinter fight. Splinter get the upper hand. Shredder dumps a pile of pipes on Splinter. Leatherhead comes to his rescue. He actually chews on Shredder. When Shredder appears to kill Leatherhead, Splinter becomes enraged and goes on the attack again. They head back to the lair, but its empty. They each grab a few things that are important to them and head out of town. Mikey takes ice cream kitty. April sees all kinds of memories floating around the lair. She sees Splinter and Shredder fighting too. They follow her to find him. They find the two fighting. Shredder throws him into a drain. They are distraught. Even April sheds a tear and then vows to end it. The turtle mech arrives on the scene. It’s quite impressive. The tech mech battles a Kraang monster and breaths fire on it. They tap into the power grid to electrocute the Kraang and it knocks out power to the city. The Kraang’s bot is destroyed but the giant brain comes at them. April does a mind trick as Casey drives through the brain. Leo is still unconscious. April tells them about an old family home upstate. Casey couldn’t find his family. They head upstate. Splinter is floating in the drain and Karai finds him and pulls him out. She makes sure he is alive still before she leaves.

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