Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S02, Ep22 – Vengeance is Mine

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 2
Episode: 22
Title: Vengeance is Mine
Original Air Date: June 29, 2014

Links for the first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Karai: Well, if it isn’t the sushi I ordered.

* Shredder: Have you nothing to say to me daughter?
Karai: I am not your daughter!!

* Splinter: Disagreement about a mission is never a good way to begin.

* Raph: Is this a rescue or a romantic comedy? Come on!

* Karai: Guys, Leo..
Leo: I know. You’re not good at saying thank you.

* Leo: See Sensi? I told you my plan would work.
Splinter: Perhaps some things are worth the risk.

* Splinter: After all this time I have learned that revenge only leads to more pain.

* Karai: So much of my life has been about revenge. I can’t ask you to risk your life too.

* Karai: The time has come for me to say goodbye Shredder.

Synopsis: Karai is still imprisoned by Shredder. Fish face comes to give her some food. After he leaves, she manages to break out of her cell. She nearly escapes but Tiger Claw catches her. He nearly kills her until Shredder intervenes. Shredder tries to get back on her good side. At the lair, they plan out how to free Karai. Splinter wants them to halt their plan. He doesn’t want any harm to come to them or Karai from Shredder. They successfully break in. Mikey serves as a distraction on the roof, but it doesn’t work and they have to deal with Tiger Claw. Mikey knocks out Razzr. Donnie tries to beat Tiger Claw with a sonic sound. It works and they get Karai out. They think they are free and clear but then the Foot Clan bots surround them. Donnie races to the rescue in the Shell Razer but the Foot bots give chase. Tiger Claw does as well. Donnie uses smoke and grease to shake them. Tiger Claw is on top of the Shell Razer and pulls Karai out of it. They fight on top of it. Donnie takes a detour to remove Tiger Claw from the roof. They bring Karai to the lair. Splinter comes in upset over Mikey’s injury. But when Mikey moves aside and Karai is standing there, Splinter is speechless. Karai hugs him and calls him father. Meanwhile, Tiger Claw tries to explain to Splinter that he can’t find Karai or the turtles. Shredder is not upset, he knew she would escape at some point. The guys practice in the lair. However, it turns into a free for all. Karai asks Splinter about the feud with Shredder. He tells her the whole history. Karai does not understand how he can choose to not seek revenge. They share some tea after the story. Karai tries to sneak out to get revenge on Shredder. Leo catches her trying to sneak out and offers to team up with her against Shredder. She doesn’t want any harm to come to him. When he comes to Leo tells Splinter what happened. Everyone goes after her. She sneaks in but Shredder is prepared. She attempts to take on Shredder, but he easily defeats her. He hands her over to Tiger Claw to take to Stockman for an experiment. The turtles and Splinter arrive, and it seems they are too late. Splinter takes the lead. At Stockman’s lair he adds serpent DNA to the mutagen. Shredder plans to use her as bait. Splinter and the turtles make their entrance. Karai is suspended about the mutagen tank. Splinter and Shredder battle (so does everyone else). As Leo tries to save Karai, Shredder cuts the chain suspending her about the mutagen and she falls in. She comes out of the vat very much a serpent. The whole place is going up in smoke. Karai recognizes Splinter for only a moment and then she takes off. Leo feels guilty for not stopping Karai from leaving. On a rooftop, Karai changes back to her human form, but her eyes are still snakelike.

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