Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep23 – Parisitica

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 23
Title: Parisitica
Original Air Date: July 20, 2013

Links for all seasons/first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mikey: Another day, another Kraang hunt.

* Raph: If I ever get that excited about a centrifuge, put me out of my misery.

* Raph: He’s really turned running away screaming into an art form.
Donnie: Well, at least he’s good at something, right?

* Raph: Great idea. Let’s take the mutant wasp egg into our home where we live. What’s the worst that can happen?

* Raph: Dude, are you all right? Cuz unmotivated bursts of anger are kind of my thing.

* Donnie: We have to get to the egg. It could be the only cure.

Synopsis: The turtles are out on patrol searching for the Kraang. They find what they think is a Kraang lab. But it’s already been destroyed. Donnie finds some lab items that are still good. Mikey spots a giant-sized wasp. This wasp then attacked the turtles. Mikey gets to be the bait and keep the wasps attention while the rest decide on an ambush. They think they’ve captured the wasp, but instead he takes Mikey for a ride. It put it’s stinger into Leo. It’s infected him somehow. The wasp died because it stung him. Leo finds an egg. Leo decides to take the egg and let Donnie analyze it. Leo is very defensive of the egg. Donnie begins to dissect the egg but Leo stops him. The three discuss Leo’s obsession with the egg. Splinter isn’t there to ask because he’s taken April on a training exercise. Leo overhears. He’s having a strange reaction to the wasp bite. The guys are trying to get Leo away from the egg. He’s in some kind of weird trance. Later that night, Raph tries to destroy the egg and Leo appears and stops him. His eyes are completely different and when he opens his mouth there is some slimey goo. The two fight. Raph tries to help. But Leo bites him. The next morning Mikey and Donnie find them both starting at the egg. Now they are both infected. Donnie and Mikey lock the two in with the egg. Mikey closes the garage door just in time to keep them in the room. Donnie determines the wasp was a parasitic wasp. His research shows that once the egg hatches, whatever is in there will eat Leo and Raph. They two escape and Mikey and Donnie run for their lives. They restrain Leo, but Raph grabs the egg and leaves. Leo comes too and tries to trick Mikey. As Donnie draws some of Leo’s blood, Mikey notices that he got bit too. Donnie turns before he finishes the antidote and he bites Mikey. Now all four are infected. Raph comes back with the egg. It begins to hatch. Mikey hits all three with the antidote. He then recounts how he made the antidote. He did successfully cure all four of them. But the egg hatches as they pass out. Three wasps hatch. One lands on each of the three to feed. Mikey fights them with a skateboard. Then runs for his life and hides in the shell razer. He tries to fire it up but it doesn’t work. The other three wake back up and take on the wasps. The three are surrounded but are suddenly disintegrated. Mikey did it. But it’s a nasty mess to clean up.

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