Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep 21 – Karai’s Vendetta

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Title: Karai’s Vendetta
Original Air Date:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Raph: Who says you don’t know how to show a girl a good time.

* Mikey: Pizza is human food.
April: Not the way you eat it.

* Leo: Right now, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.
Mikey: I don’t think we’re going to find a bigger fish than that.

* Karai: Now you try mine, turtle soup.
April: Karai!!

* Donne: Karai is after April. We gotta help her.
Leo: And who’s gonna help us?

* Leo: You’re not gonna be much help if you get blasted in the head.
Donnie: Good point.

* Raph: How many times have I told you, no celebrating until the fight is over!!

* Donnie: Peddler faster!!!

* Splinter: Impressive April. You used your training well. And you fulfilled the most important goal of the ninja, to come home alive.

* April: So once we stop them I can have my life back?
Leo: Yes.
April: Then let’s get started.

Synopsis: Shredder has captured a Kraang and questions it. He threatens to kill it and it spills the beans. They are chasing the turtles because they have April O’Neal. The Kraang want her. Shredder tells Karai to capture April and bring her to him. In the lair the turtles are training. Splinter teaches them a new lesson. After training they watch their favorite cartoon. Donnie and April are analyzing water. Mikey freaks out at the water destroying pizza. He knocks it over and it gets on April. The turtles are heading to the source of contamination which is under water so April heads home. Donnie has created a machine for underwater. It’s a bicycle powered submarine. As they approach the source a sea monster from Dimension X appears in their view finder. Topside, Karai is tracking April. She assists her making an order and tags along with her. Karai lies to her and tells her that her name is Harmony. Back underwater the Kraang are increasing the conversion rate. Donnie decides to create a blockage to divert the Kraang’s attention. The turtles sneak into the water. Back in the restaurant Karai and April get their food. She loves the pizza pot stickers. She has April tries her, it’s turtle soup. April exclaims, “Karai!!” Karai tries to kidnap April, but the chef helps her escape. She calls the turtles for help. Donnie tells her he can’t help her right now and to run for her life. April steals a motorbike to escape. But Karai steals a bigger one to catch her. April narrowly escapes. Back underwater the turtles are still fighting the Kraang. Donnie realizes they can just explode the place as the chemical is explosive. As they prepare to leave the water monster pokes its head inside the facility to say hi and play with the turtles. Mikey rides it like a bronco and manages to trap it. They narrowly escape as it explodes. However, the sea monster did no die in the explosion and is now chasing them in the water. Meanwhile, Karai is still in hot pursuit of April. Underwater, the turtles try to escape and the engines fall off, leaving peddling as their only means of powering the submarine. The sea monster catches them and wraps it up in a hug. Donnie releases a charge to free them and the monster cries. Topside, April is crazy enough to try and fight Karai. April gets a blow in on her. Karai then proceeds to beat her up. April continues to try and fight but fails. Karai wants to know why she is in the center of this alien conspiracy. When April gives her a short version of her life story, she unsettles Karai, and is able to free herself and escape. The turtles make it back to the lair. She meets them at the lair and relays the story. Even Splinter is impressed. But Splinter advises that she stay in the sewer to remain safe. She’s upset but Leo tries to comfort her.

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