Book: The Cat Who Saw Red (The Cat Who #4) by Lillian Jackson Braun

Qwilleran, Koko and Yum Yum move into their new home. Qwill is renting a room in Maus Haus. It’s a food lovers paradise. He is also assigned to a new beat, restaurant reviews.

Maus Haus has a colorful background and history including an unsolved suicide. Mysterious things keep happening though. Screams in the night wake him. An employee of the house disappears. The last straw is when his old girlfriend disappears.

Koko, Yum Yum and Qwill jump into action to get to the bottom of the mystery. Was the suicide a suicide? Where are the people who have disappeared? Were they all murdered?

Click either link to get a copy and find out.
iTunes The Cat Who Saw Red – Lilian Jackson Braun

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