Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep17 – TCRI

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 17
Title: TCRI
Original Air Date: March 9, 2013

Links for all seasons/volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Donnie: He’s also the one who likes to grab me by the face and shake me like a rag doll.

* Mikey: Can I touch that?
Donnie: Sure, if you want to blow us and the whole lair to pieces.

* Mikey: Finally, someone set off an alarm and it wasn’t me.

* Donnie: We are deep in Kraang country.

* Donnie: Wow, an entity made of living rock. I wish I could study it.

* Raph: Watch out for the lava barf.

* April: They’re after me?

Synopsis: The Kraang are fleeing with the power cell as the turtles chase the helicopter. However, they lost them. The Kraang put it back into the portal generator. The turtles head over to see Leatherhead. Once again he grabs Donnie by the face. He comes out of his rage and apologizes to them. Leo informs Leatherhead they lost the power cell to the Kraang and poor Donnie gets his face grabbed again. They ask for his help. He is able to provide a symbol. Back at the lair Donnie tries to figure out the symbol. Splinter tries to help calm him. The four head out with Donnie in the lead. It’s the logo for TCRI. Leo announces they are going in and taking out the portal. April gets ahold of the buildings blueprints. Leo likes Aprils idea of packing them in a box and making a special delivery. April delivers them and they try to attack April but she escapes. Leatherhead is in the box too and he goes after the Kraang. The turtles climb the elevator shaft. Raph opens the doors and is greeted by Kraang. They are now under attack in the elevator shaft. They drop into the elevator and have more robots to fight. They ride to the top. When the doors open they are hit with poison gas. They awake in a bubble prison. Donnie realizes that the bubble prison has air they can breathe while the air in the room is the air from Dimension X. They break out of the cell and the Kraangs jump into action. Donnie whacks one like a baseball and it slams into the window and breaks. Earth air flows in and they can breathe again. However, the portal activates and a living rock man arrives. They battle. They are losing but Leo distracts him. It allows them to take him down but not defeat him. Leo attaches the explosives to the rock man. Leatherhead arrives and battles the rock man. Leatherhead throws him into the portal and detonates the explosives. The portal is fine and so is the rock man. Leatherhead takes matters into his own hands and drags the rock man through the portal. They retreat. Back at the lair they return. They are bummed because Leatherhead is gone and the portal is still functioning. Mikey pulls out the Kraang-tech he took and Donnie is excited about it. It’s a Kraang flash drive. They all discuss what’s been going on. April is confused as to why they wanted her dad. But Donnie discovers they are actually after April.

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