Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep15 – The Alien Agenda

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 15
Title: The Alien Agenda
Original Air Date: February 23, 2013

Links for all seasons/volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Donnie: You feel like we’re missing something?
Mikey: All the time.

* Karai: There is more to life than your vendetta.
Shredder: There is nothing more!

* Raph: You don’t flirt with the enemy; you take them down.

* Karai: He makes a good point. Eventually, I am going to destroy you.

* Karai (to Leo): You’re adorable, stupid but adorable.
Leo: Really? You think I’m adorable?

* Leo: If you come after them I’ll come after you.

* Leo: All right guys, let’s put old Mother Hubbard back in her cupboard.

* Splinter: Deception is a ninja’s most powerful weapon, and it seems that Karai is a master.

* Splinter: You must learn from your mistakes.

Synopsis: Karai is on the alert for the turtles. They are battling the Kraang. Leo spots Karai and puts on a show to impress her. Raph also notices her and gets pissed at Leo. At Shredder’s lair Baxter Stockman has created a bionic body for the fishy Xever. However, it malfunctions. Shredder is not pleased. Karai gives Shredder an update about the suit guys and pink brains. Back at the lair Raph and Leo battle in the dojo over Karai. Splinter comes in to break up the fight. Mikey asks April what she is doing. She is providing DNA for a science project at school. Donnie explains DNA to Mikey. Leo is up on a rooftop and Karai stops by. She asks about the robots. They battle again. He offers her a way out of the Foot Clan. April heads to school and some weird robotic lady keeps telling her to come with her regarding the DNA test results. As April tries to leave the woman grabs her and starts attacking. She tries to escape and gets cornered. Raph and Leo talk privately about Karai and how it’s taken care of. April sends the turtles an emergency text and they head to the school to help her. The old robot lady attacks them. Half the robot is missing and it appears to be a Kraang droid. Leo tells April to head to the lair for safety. They head to the genome project headquarters. The turtles determine that the Kraang are the genome project. Karai drops in and she and Raph fight. An alarm gets set off and lots of Kraang robots attack. Karai pushes some buttons on the mutagen machine and creates a monster. She ditches and leaves the turtles to fight it. After they win and escape Leo is called out about Karai. Splinter has a chat with Leo about Karai. Later, Raph tries to comfort Leo about Karai. Back at Shredder’s lair Karai returns. She informs them of the Kraang. She stole a piece of tech and gives it to Stockman. Now Shredder is intrigued by the tech and reassigns her to Kraang research.


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