Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep14 – New Girl in Town

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 14
Title: New Girl in Town
Original Air Date: February 1, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mikey: No not the pizza guy! Take Donnie!

* Donnie: Hang on Raph. We’re not charging a 12-foot regenerating mutant.

* Leo: Foot Clan? You guys just made my night. (sighs) I feel so much better.

* Mikey: Dudes, can’t we just be cool with each other? Let’s hug this out.

* Splinter: Leadership is not about appreciation; it is about responsibility. It doesn’t matter that the burden is heavy, it matters that you carry it.

* Karai: Guess I struck a nerve.
Leo: Because I beat you?

* April: It’s a trap Leo.

* Raph: We need him back. I need him back.

* Raph: All forgiven. You’re the leader again. Welcome back.

* Raph: She’s in the Foot Clan.
Leo: Nobody’s perfect.

Synopsis: Donnie and Mikey chase Snakeweed. He takes a pizza delivery boy hostage. When they try to rescue the pizza boy they find Snakeweed and his captive is gone. Leo and Raph fight. Leo appoints Raph team leader for the short term. Leo takes off from the group, but he doesn’t realize the Foot Clan have been following him. He takes them on and beating them cheers him up. Once they clear out Karai appears and introduces herself to Leo. Back at the lair Donnie is trying to locate Snakeweed’s hideout and Raph is impatient. Leo comes back. Donnie narrows down Snakeweed’s hideout but Raph does not want Leo included. Leo is watching cartoons and Splinter asks him where his brothers are. He tells him that Leo is the leader now. Splinter tells him to find his brothers. While he’s looking for them he runs into Karai again. They battle fairly this time, while trading insults and critiques. Meanwhile, the other turtles are trying to find Snakeweed in the sewer. They find the lair. It has pods that he is using to hold people captive. The three start freeing people from their pods. Snakeweed appears and he’s not happy that they have freed his fertilizer. Back to Leo and Karai, their physical and verbal fight continues. Leo wins. Karai invites Leo to meet her at the high rise at midnight. Back in Snakeweed’s lair they aren’t doing too well. Mikey is down and Raph doesn’t know what to do. Donnie takes the lead in tying up Snakeweed and calling for a retreat. Topside, Leo pays April a visit. He tells her about Karai and as soon as he says she’s in the Foot Clan she hits him with a newspaper. Karai meets with Shredder. He wants her to kill Leo. The others return to the lair and request Splinter’s help for Mikey. Raph has finally learned to understand Leo’s burden. Splinter tells Raph to go fine Leo and Donnie announces his location. April texted it to him. Leo meets Karai. She shows him a sword. She wants his help stealing it. Raph arrives on the rooftop and gives Leo a tongue lashing. Mid lecture Snakeweed shows up and a battle ensues. Leo asks Karai for help (he’s been disarmed) she throws him her blade. They’re able to escape. Leo has an idea and they get the upper hand. He stuffs a container of nitrous oxide into Snakeweed’s mouth, explodes it and then Raph shatter the frozen mutant. Back at the lair they wake Mikey with pepperoni pizza.

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