Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep13 – I, Monster

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: I, Monster
Original Air Date: January 25, 2013

Links for all seasons/volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Splinter: That is all for today, unless you care for a rematch.

* Donnie: I can’t believe you actually tagged Sensei. That was epic.

* Mikey: The city is so beautiful in the daytime except for the millions of rats.

* Splinter: The Rat King will not rest until he has total control of this city and my mind.

* Splinter: You four are all I have left.
Raph: Don’t worry Sensei, we’ll stop him.

* Donnie: Fight him Sensei.
Splinter. I will, just hurry.

* Donnie: I just had a horrible realization. He’s been going easy on us all these years.

* Splinter: My place is with my sons!!

* Splinter: Remember my sons everything you know I have shown you, but I have not shown you everything I know.

Synopsis: A mad scientist is working in a lab with mutagen. Several of the rats chew through electrical cords and the place catches on fire. However, he can read minds now due to his experiment. Back at the lair they are training against Splinter. Leo finally gets an advantage on Splinter. The Rat King has a hissy fit. He releases rats all over the city. April is heading back with groceries and a hoard of rats chase her. He has set his sights on bringing Splinter into his fold. Donnie’s phone rings and its April calling for help. She’s trapped at the top of a telephone pole. As they draw nearer to April there are so many in the street it looks like a river of rats. In the midst of the rescue it goes sideways, but they do succeed. Donnie discovers that someone or something is controlling all the rats, they worry about Splinter being attacked by this thing. Back at the lair they cannot wake Splinter. The Rat King is in his head trying to take control. After lots of poking Splinter wakes up and throws Mikey. Splinter informs them that Dr. Falco is now the Rat King. They need to find him and Splinter is able to tell them where he is. The turtles head off and April stays with Splinter. In the sewers a hoard of rats attacks them. Splinter tries to rest but the Rat King attacks his thoughts again. Splinter seems to succumb to the Rat King, he nearly kills April but stops. He then leaves for the Rat King. Meanwhile, the turtles come to an impasse at tracking the Rat King because there are so many rats they can’t get through. Leo creates a chemical blast to clear a path. April calls to them Splinter is gone as he shows up in front of them, his eyes are very red. The Rat King instructs Splinter to destroy the turtles. They are forced to fight Splinter and they realize that he’s been going easy on them in training. He soundly and repeatedly whips them. They try to remind him of who he is and that they love him. Splinter is able to break the Rat King’s hold and goes after him. He defeats the Rat King and the rats scurry off with him. They all celebrate back at the lair and get a bonus lesson from Splinter.


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