Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep11 – Mousers Attack!

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: Mouser’s Attack!
Original Air Date: December 8, 2012

Links for all seasons/volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Splinter: Competition is an excellent motivator, but not when it turns you against each other.

* Splinter: One cannot predict the consequences of battle. Every fight has the potential to stir a hornets’ nest.

* Dougpound: If that phone tells me where Splinter is I’ll have no reason to keep you alive.

* Raph: Ok I admit it. I wish Donnie were here. He’d be able to figure out how to get these things off our tail.

* Raph: We’re here to save the day, as usual.

Synopsis: The turtles are practicing when Leo and Raph start fighting. Splinter breaks it up. He gives them a team building exercise. Dogpound informs Shredder they will be getting a better cut from a local gang. But Shredder threatens him. Back at the lair Leo tries to build bridges with the other turtles but it doesn’t go well. April comes in but is upset. She got mugged by the Purple Dragons, they stole her phone. The guys head out to get her phone back while April stays and studies ninja with Splinter. At the Dragons hideout the turtles make an entrance. A battle ensues. The turtles win and get April’s phone, but before they take it they experience and earthquake. However, it’s small robots breaking through the floor and stealing the loot. However, the Dragons leader still has April’s phone. The boys beat up the robots and follow them. The leader takes the phone to Dogpound. Leo and Raph find Baxter Stockman. The robots are called, “Mousers.” He then unleashed an entire army of them on the two. They retreat. Mikey and Donnie follow the leader and freak out at the sight of Dogpound. Donnie starts overthinking what to do. Leo and Raph keep trying to evade the mousers, but whatever Baxter sprayed on them is allowing them to be tracked. Back with Dogpound Donnie is still overthinking a strategy. His T-Phone rings. The dragon leader can’t unlock April’s phone. His gang members bring Baxter to Dogpound. Now he tasks Baxter in cracking April’s phone. Leo and Raph continue to battle the Mousers. Back at Dogpound’s hideout the power goes out and they grab the phone, but they get caught. Leo and Raph keep getting chased by Mousers. Finally, Leo and Raph come to help Donnie and Mikey. Leo grabs the phone. Donnie and Mikey are freed and the four battle Dogpound. Baxter tries to spray the turtles again, but a quick ninja star breaks the spray covering Dogpound and Baxter. Sadly, April’s phone is destroyed in the battle. Back at the lair, Mikey does some break dancing. Raph feeds Slash. Splinter gives them a bit of a lecture. Donnie gives her a custom T-Phone to replace hers. Dogpound delivers Baxter Stockman to Shredder.


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