Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep10 – Panic in the Sewers

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: Panic in the Sewers
Original Air Date: November 24, 2012

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Favorite Quotes:

* Splinter: Rest? Hmm? The Shredder will not rest until you are all dead.

* Splinter: If I were The Shredder none of you would be breathing right now, understand?

* Mikey: Maybe we’re in over our heads.
Raph: You’re always in over your head.

* April: No, I’m not letting you guys give up. I’ll spy on the meeting.

* Raph: I can’t believe I’m going to say this: Get it together Captain! You’re our leader so act like one.

* Mikey: What? We live in a sewer. Now you’re clean freaks?

* Splinter: No training today, unless Michelangelo throws that balloon.

Synopsis: The turtles are topside looking for Shredder. Shredder finds them. He beats them all. Splinter wakes up screaming. It was his nightmare. He stops them from going on their night patrol. Now it’s hardcore training time. It’s been going on for weeks. During a practice Mikey is so tired he passes out. Leo and Raph are watching a cartoon and they start to fight. They all go to visit Donnie in his workshop. He’s working on a patrol buggy. At the Dragons lair April tries to deliver a pizza. Underneath the box it’s got a radio transmitter. Back at the lair Leo tries to get them to practice. April stops by and plays the recording. Shredder knows the turtles are in the sewer. The Dragons are meeting Shredder topside and he turtles head to check it out. At the location a newly mutated Chad Bradford (who’s now a giant dog) sniffs them out. They lose badly. Back at the lair the turtles are sad. Leo tells Splinter they got defeated. Before he can speak April jumps in and volunteers to go spy on the meeting. Everyone says no. But April does it anyway. The turtles follow her to the lair where she tries to deliver a pizza unsuccessfully. She goes with Plan B and gets into a building across the street. She manages to jump to the building the meeting is in. She is able to hear that they are picking up a chemical. They can’t hear everything that is said because they start fighting. Bradford overhears her talking to the turtles and kidnaps her. To save April they use the patrol buggy that is still a prototype. Meanwhile, Dogpound and his crew have hijacked the tanker. The turtles find the tanker. Donnie reads the name of the chemical it’s carrying. This stuff does not mix well with water. If Shredder pours it down the sewers everything will be destroyed. They try and take the tanker back. Donnie rescues April. The battle continues with Dogpound for the tanker. While they fight with him one of the foot clan is running a drain cable directly to a manhole to the sewers. During the fight the tank gets ruptured by Leo’s sword and they are able to use a water balloon to explode the chemicals before it hits the sewer. Shredder is pissed at Dogpound. Back at the lair they all eat pizza to celebrate and then get grossed out when Mikey tells them it’s the one she threw away. Splinter comes in and apologies to the turtles for causing them to have fear and congratulating them on overcoming it.

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