Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep09 – The Gauntlet

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: The Gauntlet
Original Air Date: November 17, 2012

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Favorite Quotes:

* April: My life has gotten really weird.

* Raph: Mighty mutants? What dancing dorks was already taken?

* Mr. O’Neil: My daughters stubborn.
Leo: Yea we noticed.

* Donnie: I cannot work with all this pressure!!

* Mikey: Go for the green!!

* Leo: So to sum up: We kicked the butts of the Kraang and Shredder’s top henchmen, while defusing a bomb and saving the city.

* Shredder: Your skills are impressive. But they will not save you.
Leo: Oh man do you think that’s “the Shredder?”
Raph: Well, it’s definitely a shredder.

* Splinter: You are very lucky. Few have ever faced the Shredder and survived.

Synopsis: April is scared of a flying mutant that is trying to capture her. She runs into a building. It tries to come in and slams into a window. In the lair Donnie is excited, he figured out how to make ninja smoke bombs. April runs into the layer and tells the guys she is being hunted by a giant pigeon. Splinter has her tell the whole story of what happened. Splinter advises studying this creature before confronting it. At Shredder’s lair he is not happy that Bradford and Xever still have not captured the turtles and Splinter. April is outside walking around trying to lure in the pigeon. They succeed in luring in the pigeon. He is delivering a message from her dad. He wants her to get out of the city as quickly as possible. But she refuses to leave without her dad. Xever and Bradford are getting some fish and discussing their failure. On a rooftop the turtles and April find a Kraang lair to rescue her dad. They make it to the computer system. Leo finds Mr. O’Neil. Back at the computer system Mikey starts pushing buttons and he and Donnie get into the system. Mr. O’Neil explains that the mutagen was supposed to turn the plant into their planet, but it did not work. Now there is a mutagen bomb planted in the city. They free him but the Kraang attack. At the pipe April throws the rope and is happy to see her dad. He grabs the mutagen gun and takes on the Kraang so the turtles can escape and get April to safety. She is upset and cries on Donnie’s shoulder. The Kraang discuss the mutagen bomb. Meanwhile, the turtles have located it. Donnie is not sure how to disarm it. Bradford and Xever show up making matters worse. They all battle. Donnie is still working on the bomb and succeeded in stopping the bomb using Mikey’s advice. Bradford and Xever lose to the turtles, but they pop a mutagen container instead of surrendering. Their celebration is short lived as Shredder shows up. Shredder and the turtles batttle. Raph gets electrocted, Leo knocked out, Mikey thrown over a building and Donnie dumped on another turtle. They get the advantage but not for long. Shredder is winning but Xever and Bradford reappear….mutated. Back at the lair the turtles are beat up, defeated and angry. Splinter tells them how lucky they were as rarely is a battle with Shredder survived. Splinter advises them to ready themselves as they are now at war with Shredder.

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