Book: Deadly Decisions (Bones #3) by Kathy Reichs

Emily Anne Toussaint is just a nine year old girl, who happens to get murdered on a street in Montreal. If that wasn’t bad enough a set of bones are found, well part of a set. It turns out to be a missing North Carolina teenager.

This case sets Tempe off. She does things that she normally wouldn’t do, or would she? Walking into biker bars and doing all kinds of things that could get her killed.

Oh yes, and she takes on a biker gang that is responsible for more murders then the police are even aware of. Taking apart their clubhouse and searching the grounds they find more bones.

Did the biker gang kill both of these victims? Will they go after Tempe to stop her from finding out the truth?

Click one of the links below to get a copy and find out how it ends.

Amazon Deadly Decisions (Bones #3) by Kathy Reichs
iTunes Deadly Decisions – Kathy Reichs

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