Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S01, Ep01 – The Rise of the Turtles Part 1

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: The Rise of the Turtles Part 1

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Favorite Quotes:

* Splinter: Wisdom comes from experience. And experience comes from making mistakes.

* Michelangelo: It’s go time!!

* Raphael: I thought you wanted to be a hero. Since when do heroes ask for permission?

* Michelangelo: Did you just slap me?
Leonardo: I was calming you down.

* Leonardo: You sure about that Rafe?
Raphael: He just showed up didn’t he? I should have complained two hours ago.

* Raphael: All right buddy, we can do this the easy way. Or my vote the hard way.

Synopsis: The guys are practicing their skills in the dojo. Michelangelo and Donatello each lose their practice fight. Raphael and Leonardo face off and Raphael wins. Splinter enters and congratulates them on their practice. He then teaches Raphael some humility. Michelangelo has made dinner, its algae and worms. Mikey has made a cake in celebration of Mutation Day. It’s their 15th birthday. Splinter tells the story of how them became. He was a human still and he had just purchased four turtles form the pet store. He follows a man around a corner and gets attacked. A vial breaks that is filled with green stuff. The turtles morph into human-like beings, while he becomes a giant rat. Leonardo asks to go to the surface. They want to go topside, but Splinter says no. Leonardo tries to reason with Splinter. They beg and Splinter says yes. Leonardo is watching “Space Heroes.” As they prepare to go topside, Splinter gives them words of wisdom before they go. They surface to find graffiti and trash, but Mikey thinks it’s beautiful. Donatello drools over a computer. A pizza delivery boy (Casey Jones) runs into them, but they scare him and he drops a pizza. The guys open it and it’s a pepperoni pizza. Mikey likes it, they all try it and decide they love pizza. Donatello spots April walking with her dad and goes gaga. Men in suits jump out of a van trying to kidnapping April and her father. The turtles come to the rescue. They fight but it does not go so well. April freaks at Donnie, the giant, green, talking turtle. However, they are not successful in saving April or her dad. Mikey runs into another guy in a suit, but he takes a nunchuk. Mikey flees. Somehow part of the face of the man in the suit comes off. He’s some kind of robot. Inside him is a weird, purple head with green eyes and lots of teeth. The purple things looks like a brain and attacks Mikey. Mikey tries to tell the guys, but they don’t believe him. When he takes them back to the scene there is nothing. Back in the dojo of the lair Splinter is chewing them out because their failure to work together allowed April and her dad to get kidnapped. The turtles break out into an argument. Mikey blames Splinter. Splinter sees wisdom as he taught them to fight as individuals, not as a team. Splinter wants to retrain them and send them topside again in a year. But Donnie freaks out because he is worried about April and her dad. Splinter agrees something has to be done. Splinter appoints Leonardo as the leader. Back topside they stare down at a building from a rooftop. The building they are watching has the same logo that was on the van. They watch the building for hours and Raphael starts to lose his patience. Mid-complaint the van shows up. The turtles surround the driver. He pulls out a blaster gun and shoots at them. He takes off in the van and they follow him on the rooftops. Raphael jumps on top of the van and gets thrown off. The driver shoots at them again. Leonardo takes out a tire with a throwing star and the car wrecks. They search the flipped van and a vial of the green stuff rolls out and stops at Mikey’s feet. To be continued…

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