Victoria Chase’s Original Lifetime Movies #10 You’re Soaking In It – Hot in Cleveland

Victoria’s 10th Lifetime Original Movie is mentioned in season 3, episode 24, entitled “Blow Outs.”

Victoria: That is so not fair. I make the lists, you do the shopping, and Joy drinks all the vodka.
Joy: How else do you expect me to sit through one of your “it’s so hard being famous” stories?
Victoria: I’m sorry. Am I seriously being attacked for being a celebrity?
Joy: Newsflash, the ins and outs of the Lifetime Original Movie where you portrayed a sexy manicurist who played by her own rules, aren’t as interesting as you think.
Victoria: I’ll have you know that Lifetime had its best ratings of the year with You’re Soaking In It.
Melanie: What exactly were the manicurist rules she was breaking anyway?

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