Book: Murder She Wrote: Gin and Daggers #1

This is the first book of this series. These are cozy mysteries. But just like in the tv show, wherever she goes someone seems to die.

In this novel, she travels to London for a mystery writers convention. Her friend Marjorie Ainsworth has a grand estate and invites her to stay with her instead of a hotel. Sadly, Marjorie is murdered in her own bed in the middle of the night.

It’s not clear who committed this heinous crime. However, they quickly peg Jessica as the prime suspect. They bring in the Scotland Yard. Inspector George Sutherland gets the case. But he’s smitten with Jessica.

While doing her own sleuthing she get mugged.

But the questions remain: Who killed Marjorie? Who mugged Jessica? What is really going on?

Amazon Click here to get a copy of Murder, She Wrote: Gin and Daggers, Book #1

iTunes Murder, She Wrote: Gin and Daggers – Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

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