Book: The 6th Target [Women’s Murder Club series #6] by James Patterson

A ferry ride on the bay turns into a massacre. Four people are dead on scene. A fifth is mortally wounded. When Lindsay Boxer arrives on the scene she sees her best friend Claire Washburn being taken off the boat by paramedics with a bullet hole in her chest. She sees Lindsay and asks about her son Willie. He was on the ferry too. Lindsay searches frantically for Claire’s son, but he’s not on the boat. She finds him in the farmers market covered in his Mother’s blood. He chased after the shooter.

The killer actually turns himself in to Lindsay. Yuki who has now become an assistant district attorney becomes the lead prosecutor on the case when her boss has a heart attack. And her former co-counsel Mickey Sherman is the killers defense attorney. Will Yuki win her first case in the DA’s office?

While the trial is going on the daughter of The Chronicle’s editor is kidnapped. Lindsay gets this case too. And now she is racing the clock to try and find the little girl alive. After dozens of dead ends she finally starts to get some answers. Does she find the girl alive? Or is it too late?

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iTunes The 6th Target – James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

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