Book: The 5th Horseman [Women’s Murder Club series #5] by James Patterson

The 5th book of this series builds upon the complexity of the previous book.

A major San Francisco hospital and Dr. Daniel Garza are being sued for the deaths of 20 patients. They all had the same common cause of death: medication. In most cases they were given a medication that would treat the condition opposite of what they were diagnosed with. In one of the deaths a patient who suffered from a rapid heartbeat was given a medication to speed up her heart which resulted in her death. The attorney leading the suit is Maureen O’Mara, an extremely fierce redhead who has never lost a case.

Tragedy strikes again in the same hospital. Yuki’s Mom Keiko has a TIA [a very tiny stroke that the patient would usually recover from in as little as 2 or 3 hours up to about 24 hours]. She is admitted to the hospital being sued. She dies in the hospital sending Yuki spiraling out of control. She asks Lindsay for help. Claire does an autopsy. Her mom was given several times more of the amount of the blood thinner than she needed. And she bled to death in her brain.

On top of that Yuki’s Mom is found with buttons on her eyes. These buttons have the medical symbol on them. As Lindsay digs in trying to give Yuki answers she winds up with more questions. The hospital CEO informs her that Keiko was not the only patient found dead with buttons on her eyes. There are more than 30 others over the past three years who’ve had buttons placed on their eyes as well. All patients who were expected to fully recover.

Will Lindsay solve the button murders? Will Yuki ever recover from her Mom’s death? Who will win the lawsuit?

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