Life in the Stars: Planet Abaca


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It’s the year 2600 AD and we no longer live on Earth. That planet died. We had to find a new planet to live on and we did. However, that planet, which was named Earth’s Shadow, is now showing the early signs that it is dying as well. Our scientists have discovered planets in other galaxies that we might be able to make our new home. Me and my team, the four of us, have been chosen to go to each of these planets and explore them. Our list has over 20 planets to explore throughout space. Each planet was named alphabetically as it was found. We have enough food and supplies to last us an entire Earth year. We have just a year to travel to all these planets, return to Earth’s Shadow, and save humankind.

The first planet we will explore is Planet Abaca. It’s not a massive planet but it has features we would need. There is a mountain range that doesn’t want to let us leave. A volcano that’s not really a volcano, but what is it? There is a body of water the size of a sea that has two types of water and marine life. And a mysterious tree that could be sentient. Will this be our new home? Only the data from our expedition will tell us.