Healing Waters: The story of a woman’s journey through life.





Healing Waters: A woman’s journey as she survived each challenge, including parental loss as a child and an adult, domestic abuse, harassment at work, learning her truth and finding happiness.

This is the story of a woman and the challenges that she faced every step of the way in her life. It tells of her victories too. The long battle her father went through with cancer when she was a child. How it affected and changed her. His sad but ultimate death and the toll it took on her mother. Her school years, the friends she made and the conflicts she weathered. The jobs she took to keep a roof over her and her mother’s head. The different types of harassment she was subjected to in so many of those jobs. Most of the harassment was just because she was a woman. As well as the employers she loved, thrived at, and separated from at no fault of her own. The life lessons she learned. The abusive relationship she was in and barely escaped from with her life. Later, the loss of her mother. How she had to make all the hard choices, so she got the best care and had the best chance. Also, how she discovered her true self and was able to find happiness.