Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 20 (story 1)

Wonder Woman witnesses a professor at Holliday college explode an atom. She is excited as this is a new energy source that can power everything. The professor doesn’t want anyone to monopolize it or use it for harm. Diana heads outside and runs into Etta and the girls. There is a new girl with her and as introductions happen, including to Steve, a monster appears that only Diana can see. She leaps at it and knocks the new girl, “nifty” over. She’s upset but Steve covers telling her Diana saw the ghost of a spy. Diana says it must have been a spot on her glasses and takes them off to clean them. Etta looks at her and tells her how much she looks like Wonder Woman without her glasses. She brushes the comment off and takes her leave. Steve and Etta are concerned about Diana but Nifty is still upset. The weird ghost seems to take over Nifty. At headquarters, Diana tells Darnell about the professor’s breakthrough. He then gets a call that all the supplies for the professor have been hijacked. Before the plane disappeared the pilot called in about planes with skulls and crossbones closing in on it. Elsewhere, Nifty sneaks away and is uncovering a hidden aircraft. Etta and the girls take bats to help guard Chemico’s lab along with Steve’s men. The air pirates led by Nifty begin to attack. They drop gas bombs, and everyone passes out. They go in the lab and find the professor. She takes Steve, his men, Etta, and the girls as hostages. Steve starts to wake up on the plane and sends Wonder Woman a mental radio message about what’s happened. She can’t raise him again. She takes the mental radio along with a special device to track Steve’s brain waves to try and locate him and the plane of hostages and pirates. Wonder Woman calls her plane. Meanwhile, the pirates have arrived at their hideout and enter it. The leader is angry she brought hostages. She tells them something made her do it. He orders them killed, all but the professor. The professor won’t tell him about the atomic power and he tortures him. Wonder Woman arrives at the location. She’s confused, it’s just a big rock sticking up. She breaks it off to find that it’s not a rock but a door. Wonder Woman arrives just in time to save the professor. The pirates try to get away with their hostages, but Wonder stops them. From the plane, the leader tries to shoot Wonder Woman, but Steve stops him. Everyone is now safe, but Wonder Woman still sees the weird monster.

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