Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 19 (story 3)

The US Government received Wonder Woman’s report and has sent ships to help stop the Nazi’s and take out their base. Etta Candy and the girls have stowed away on the ship. Somehow the Nazi’s were aware the ship was coming, and they use the death ray to sink it. Everyone is rescued. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman has the witchdoctors mask removed. Steve examines the mask. It’s a gas mask to protect him from the fumes of the drugs in the caldron. He begins to take them to the Nazi’s, but then he is killed by the ray. Wonder Woman has an idea to save them. Steve heads for a clearing to call the plane. Wonder Woman finds that some of the natives have captured some English settlers. She gets herself captured as well. Mayra follows and decides to free but then realizes she let herself get captured. She decides to follow instead. They finally make it to the Nazi base. The commander immediately recognizes Wonder Woman. She is chained and taken before the leader. He threatens to kill her friends. She bluffs to scare him. Mayra tries to help and gets capture too. They work as a team and Mayra is able to smash the helmet that controls the death ray. However, they get captured again. There efforts have temporarily disabled the death ray though. Steve gets the military plane to land. But then the natives come out to attack. Steve and several others have guns. They shoot as many as they can until they are out of bullets. They all get safely on the ship but it can’t fly. Wonder Woman and Mayra are taken to the rays battery to be cemented in. Some electrodes are attached to their heads. The Nazi’s want all their brain energy. A new helmet is given to the leader. He plans to kill Steve first. He’s also impressed with all the brain energy from the slave (Wonder Woman and Mayra). Etta and the girls volunteer to dance to distract the natives so the plane can be repaired. The music distraction works and they dance with them. This gives them time to fix the plane. With the plane fixed, the girls get back on and it takes off. The ray was aimed at Steve but hits one of the natives and kills him instead. The leader taunts Wonder Woman telling her Steve is dead. She gathers enough strength to break out of the cement. Now he plans to kill Wonder Woman. Mayra, upset about what is about to happen to Wonder Woman, also breaks free and knocks him down. He’s got the helmet on again and about to kill them both. However, the plane arrives and he is distracted. He hits the plane and it starts to go down. She has seen Holliday girls on the plan. She and Mayra work together to break their chains. He strength is restored. She catches the plane and brings it down safely. Mayra grabs the helmet and puts it on. She gets all the Nazi’s to surrender. Wonder Woman gives her all the credit.

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