Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 64

The rebel forces are meeting. They are discussing a monster they have to befriend. He’s a tyrannical leader on Serphidi. Luke is going to lead this mission to attempt to get him to support the rebels. C-3PO tries to get he and R2-D2 out of the mission but fails. The X Wings head off on the mission. When they arrive, four fliers approach them. They are Imperials. They trade shots. One of the X Wings takes enough damage to force her to crash land on the planet below. She manages to land safely. The team meets up. They quickly have to run from natives. One of the team gets knocked out. One of his team is dead, Cinda is still alive but taken prison as a new toy. Luke has escaped. Luke tries to find the castle. On the way he finds an old Serp being attacked by a carnivorous plant and saves him. The old man offers to take him back to his house. There he eats. He tells Luke that the planet used to be a technology planet. It led them to war. They finally signed a pact to end war and technology. Then came the jousting contests. The current emperor has restarted some technology and updated the joust games to death games. Now Luke is being brought in to learn these games and help the man. In the palace, the king prepares to eat Berl. Luke is being trained in jousting. He knocks the man off his horse. Luke is now going to take the older man’s place in the games. At the castle, Luke’s teammate is being prepared to be cooked. She almost escapes but the king catches her. He’s looking forward to eating someone with so much spirit. It’s now time for the doom joust. The old man requests his champion take his place because he is injured. The king sees it’s a human and agrees. Luke does not do well to start. He recovers and wins. The King yields. He then kills himself. Instead of Luke being King it’s the older Serp. As the new king, he chooses to align with the rebels. Luke and Cinda head back without Berl. They celebrate this small victory in his honor.

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