Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 63

They make to run but Vader tells them he is a holographic image. Brie was one of his generals. Her goal was to destroy Luke, but destroying his reputation was just as good. The nomad thinks this is one of his friends. He tells him it’s an enemy. They run as it explodes. Luke decides to go to a data center of the Empire’s to prove that Shira was a traitor. He needs to restore his good name.

A general goes to speak with Vader. He’s still angry about the Teezl being destroyed. The general tells him he takes responsibility for what happened to the Teezl. Vader is impressed and spares his life. He then informs Vader that the transmitter has self-destructed. He has them change course to a new planet: Krake.

Luke and Chewie have just landed on Krake. They find the caves and enter to access the data center. They find an unexpected inhabitant in the cave. They still find the data vault. It’s very strange looking. Luke also realizes that Darth Vader has been ahead of them. He probably knows they will go there. He decides to come up with a plan that is low level, that Darth Vadar would never think of. He comes up with something but does not disclose it yet. The pair slowly climb the data center.

Back at the rebel base, Princess Leia is worried Luke won’t be able to clear his name. Plif is not able to comfort her.

In the data center one of the officers eats in the kitchen instead of the mess hall. He suddenly finds Luke’s gun to his head. Luke asks that he access the requested files on the kitchen console. He also tells him he’s poisoned him. The officer knows it to be true because he’s starting to not feel well. He agrees to get him anything he wants. He sets a program in motion. Storm troopers in a different area get an alert. The information requested has been saved to a recipe chip. Chewie knocks the guy out. Luke informs the cook he just put soap flakes in the food. He watches it all and learns the truth. Shira was raised in Palpatine’s Palace and augmented. She was born and bred Empire. They take the chip out and as they prepare to leave, storm troopers enter. A battle ensues. Luke escapes but Chewie is still in the data center. On the falcon, Luke uses the force to get the shields turned off. He then flies the falcon to rescue Chewie. They are trapped in the energy shield because it’s been turned back on. Luke decides to take out the entire complex.

Lord Vadar sees the explosion. He orders someone to watch and track a swiftly moving ship. However, the jump to hyperspace and escape without being tracked.

In the falcon, Luke is upset that he wasn’t able to take the chip with him that had the evidence to clear his name. Chewie informs him that he has it. It’s why he was still in the kitchen, to save the chip.

Vader goes to the bowels of his ship. Shira Brie is in a bacta tank. She’s not dead, but she is barely alive.

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