Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 62

Luke is extremely upset. He denies killing her. He could never kill Shira. He informs her their beacons were not working. He had to use to force to determine if it was Shira or not. The force told him it wasn’t. Princess Leia tells him she believes him but can’t support him. He agrees with her. As a leader she has to choose the rebellion over individual people. They make a show of stripping his commission. He storms off. Many instantly turn against Luke. Luke goes to the mess hall to eat and is greeted by silence. The operator doesn’t want to give him food. He’s told he needs to eat in his quarters. It’s to avoid trouble. He tries to defend himself. One of them attack Luke. Most of the rebels have turned against him now. He’s upset. C-3PO and R2-D2 come to Luke. He’s not very receptive. They tell him that they have a lead on Han Solo. He doesn’t know if he can trust the force the anymore. He goes to Lando to ask to borrow the Falcon. Now that he isn’t commissioned, he can’t use any of the rebel aircraft. Lando refuses because Luke is like a plague right now. Lando tells him he’s not supposed to let Luke anywhere near the falcon and after he grabs his spare cape he will enforce that when he returns in about 15 minutes. Someone tries to remove Luke from the flight deck. Chewbacca takes his gun from him. Luke thanks Chewie. Chewie then tells him he’s ready to go with him. Luke doesn’t want him to get in trouble. Chewi is not taking no for an answer. He throws Luke over his shoulder and walks them up the boarding ramp on the Falcon. The ship takes off and they head to Shira’s home world. They try to get to the altar. They each get caught by net. Luke can’t reach his blaster, but he can reach is light saber. He uses it to free himself. He frees Chewie and they quickly hide. They find one of the nomad’s who speak basic and is older where they are hiding. They learn from him that this use to be his people’s city, not humans. The Empire came in and attacked. Most of the city was destroyed and this is why they are nomads now. Luke tells him he came looking for answers but just has more questions. He hopes to reach the circle for answers. He’s warned it’s the holy place and heavily protected. He is told of “Trial by Ordeal” to access it. He has to find a stone under one of three cups. He uses the force and finds it. He says they will take him to the holy place. All the nomads were hiding in the ruins. They all come out. Luke and Chewie won’t be killed. They are escorted to the holy place. They walk to where Shira did her ritual. They find something reflective and it’s hiding a transmitter. There’s no power switch. He draws his blood the same way she did and lets it drip onto the rock in the same place. Nothing happens. They turn to leave. Suddenly, Darth Vader appears. He announces “I’ve come for you.”

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