Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 61

The rebels gather in the Great Hall in their base on Arbra. A ceremony is underway. Princess Leia awards her a medal and the rank of Captain. She thanks her for saving Luke and the whole squad. Luke rushes off and Leia makes way to her chambers. She misses Han and needs him. She changes from dress to uniform. C-3PO overhears most of what she says. He expresses concern. Then escorts her to the briefing.

In another area of the galaxy, a galactic cruiser has a special passenger, a Teezl. It’s the only one of its kind. Its an organic communicator that can transmit data at the speed of thought anywhere. It’s going to be installed at the capital so that communication with the outer rim and farther away places can be improved.

Back at the rebel base, Luke and Shira are getting ready for their missing of infiltrating the Armada in TIE fighters. The ships are ready. Shira takes Luke aside and tells him how she feels. She kisses him. He looks shocked.

Two TIE fighters on patrol pick up a distress signal. They land on the planet that Luke got the TIEs from. They find some fighters in pieces. They pick up Rebel signals on their scanners. Their turns out it was a trap that Luke and Shira set to get the codes for the Armada. The surviving storm trooper doesn’t want to talk. Chewbacca enters to persuade him. They get the codes. Luke and Shira fly up to the Armada and no one seems to notice. It’s so large that they don’t think anyone would mess with it. He’s asked to identify himself. When he gives his code, he’s questioned. He tells them he thinks he’s coming down with a cold because his cooling unit has been malfunctioning. He and his group are allowed through. Once in they each fly to a different target in the armada. Then each one locks on and opens fire. The man in charge tells them to open fire. They still have firepower left, but one of their four gets taken out. The commander uses the Teezl to block all frequencies except their war frequency. A second rebel is damaged and forced to drop out. Luke heads towards the main ship with the screamer (Teezl). There a tie and he doesn’t know if it’s a friendly or not. The admiral orders both destroyed. Luke is down to his last shot. The super charged one. He’s aims and fires. It takes out the admiral’s ship, the Teezl and a number of other ships as well. TIE’s are sent out after Luke. The pack of them are hot on his tail. He manages to put one of their sentry ships between him and them. They blow that ship up. It gives him enough time to go fast enough to jump to hyperspace. Luke returns safely to base. When he disembarks from the TIE fighter he gets a message that Leia wants to see him.

Leia plays the video of the firefight he was in. She shows the video of the TIE fighter he took out by the Admiral’s ship. It turns out that ship was not Imperial but Rebel. Shira was the pilot. He killed a rebel pilot, Shira.

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