Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 60

The Spindrift station is under attack by TIE fighters. One of the guys thinks they are under fire because the other one call his girlfriend on priority channels. They try to escape but all routes are blocked. They give up. Two fighters land and rebel pilots get out. They take the station employees onto a transport. Luke is happy the mission went well. The TIE fighters pass as TIE fighters. Luke wants to make sure some information he possesses is accurate. The other team member comes out and confirms the codes are good. He’s even got the cartridge the codes are on. The female pilot hugs Luke but he has no idea what to do. They take off. Luke and his TIE squad fly back to base. They have to give the pass phrase, or they’ll be shot out of the sky. They give the correct phrase and come into land. They park in the forest and then enter the base to greet Princess Leia. Shira requests the coordinates of the planet so she can go off planet and return. Princess Leia tells her its need to know only so that the coordinates don’t get out to the wrong people. She gets upset and says she’s leaving anyway. Luke offers to escort her and bring her back since he knows. Princess Leia is not happy but agrees.

Elsewhere, there is a new Imperial armada at the edge of the galaxy. An officer asks about the rebels finding the codes at Spindrift, but the commander could not care less. He says they’ll be committing suicide if they try to attack his fleet.

Luke takes Shira to a small world called Shalyvane. They enter the atmosphere to land and find the planet in bad shape. The ancient city is in ruins. She leads them to the circle of Kavaan. She goes to the old altar alone. She slices her hand and gives it a drop of blood as she kneels. Luke and company spot a group fast approaching, weapons ready. They throw explosives and start blowing things up. They are gundarks. Shira runs for cover too. Luke asks about them. She knew they were there but thought they had moved on. She tells them this group destroyed the city and killed her family. At one point the gundarks offered peace. When they went to meet at the circle TIE fighters flew down and opened fire. Storm troopers landed as well killing everyone they came across. Later, she learned that the gundarks had told the Empire that the city was in league with the Rebels. That’s why they were all killed and why she joined the rebellion. She survived in the sewage tunnels until then. Luke asks where the tunnels are. She can’t remember. He has R2 scan to find them. He uncovers one and is about to jump in but Shira pushes him and jumps in herself. Moments later it collapses. The gundarks charge them. They shoot as many as they can until their blasters run out. Luke now ignites his light saber. But suddenly an X-Wing fly’s down and opens fire on the gundarks. Luke thinks it’s Shira. Sher radios from the x-wing. The rest have to get back to their ships. At the planes, Shira tells them the tunnel collapsed behind her but the rest of it was fine. They head back to Arbra.

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