Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 59

The market that Luke and Lando have gone to is not what they expected. Their death is what’s for sale. Ferret finally shows up and tells shoppers these two are not merchandise. He invites them to his office. The order is for 4 TIE fighters. He has them store on a different planet for them. Lando pays him and sends them to the shuttle. Ferret plans to eject them to keep the money, fighters and the falcon for himself. Now Lando introduces Chewbacca. Lando leaves Chewbacca to stay with Ferret. He gives him instructions to rip off his head if they don’t safely return in an hour. One of Ferret’s crew comes in with a message from Leia. Chewbacca wants to know what is going on. The shuttle shifts into hyperdrive. When they exit hyperspace they arrive at Patch 4. Luke locates the 4 TIE fighters on the garbage planet. It will take he and Lando to get the fighters rigged up. There is a surprise monster between them and the ships. Luke is forced to kill it with his light saber. Now the path to the ships are blocked. Ferret sends a mental signal to his employee to get Chewbacca dealt with. But the other two now have a second monster to deal with. Suddenly, someone calls out and tells them to come inside. For lack of choice, they go in. They are warmly welcomed by their hosts. They tell them that the planet was pretty nice other than the smell until Ferret showed up. They know the shuttle has a pacifier to calm the beast, but no one can get to the shuttle right now. The beast forced them to live underground as well. Ferret is informed that there’s a problem in a booth. He gets up and walks to his desk. He then pushes a button and Chewbacca gets covered in crystals. On Patch 4, Luke has a plan to finish the beast. The blast debris onto the beast and think he’s been stopped. Luke makes a run for it, but the beast breaks free. He’s not harmed in any way. Ferret thinks he has Chewbacca trapped in this crystal case. However, Chewbacca can still move enough to lift his harms over his head. He brings them down hard into the crystal and it shatters. Ferret tries to make a run for it. Luke is still unharmed. The beast didn’t see him. Lando continues to distract him. He needs to get to the ship and use the pacifier. He makes it and finally finds the switch for the pacifier. The beast goes down. Ferret reaches a secret ship he keeps fueled to escape. Chewbacca sees him and takes out the pieces of his crossbow and quickly puts it together. He fires on it. It’s a direct hit. It blows up. Chewbacca pulls him out by the head. His hour is up. Lando shouts just as he is about to end Ferret. Luke tells Ferret that the ties are moored up to the falcon and that he left the beast pacifier on Patch 4 so he should not return. Chewbacca launches Ferret like trash. Then they all get in the Falcon. They return to Arbra with the TIEs to a hero’s welcome. Princess Leia just asks him to change before the party.

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