Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 56

Lando stands in Cloud City confused by the emptiness. He wonders if the Empire has completely automated everything. He regrets leaving the way he did. He checks the central computer. Everyone was evacuated to Bespin for an emergency. Suddenly, he sees a shadow and knows he’s not alone. It’s a cyborg named Lobot, but he does not recognize Lando. He attacks. Lando makes a run for it. At the same time, a ship is coming towards Cloud City. The craft has a storm trooper bomb squad. A number of bombs have been placed throughout Cloud City that have to be disarmed. Then they can find the bomber. Lando sees the storm troopers. He gets their attention. They shoot but he’s too far away and are forced to give chase.

On planet Arbra, there is a speeder on patrol. It finds something strange and heads back to base for a recharge. Its pilot is Princess Leia. She wants to go back out and check the anomaly on the 9th perimeter. She heads further inside to find Luke. She wants company for this check. However, he and another pilot are heading out to check on Lando.

On Cloud City, Lando is under fire. He takes a couple out and heads to the carbon freezing room. He has an idea. The troopers have located the first bomb. The bomb starts talking and offers it’s help to disarm it. It doesn’t want to blow up. A group of storm troopers have followed Lando to the freezing room. Now he has to figure out how to get them into the freezing chamber. He improvises but the storm troopers are now in the freezing chamber. He runs to the controls and freezes them. At the bomb, the storm troopers have followed the bombs instructions. Now the bomb has been activated instead of deactivated. It blows up. Now the city is listing. But Lando has to escape the Lobot again before he can fix it. After escaping he heads straight to find the hole. Repair droids are already fixing it. He also finds dead storm troopers and assumes they brought the bomb. One did not get blown up. The officer has his blaster on Lando. Lando has his blaster on him. They call a truce for survival’s sake. Lando asks what’s going on. The officer tells him that ugnaughts placed 12 bombs on Cloud City. It’s why everyone was evacuated to Bespin. One just went off, there are 11 left. The two head off to find the Lobot first. Once located, Lando tells the cyborg he is fired. Now the Lobot is chasing him again. Lando leads him down in the city. The officer is in a machine and grabs him, but the Lobot starts to break out. Lando races in and pulls his programming plug. The cyborg stops functioning. Lando reprograms him. The cyborg starts speaking normally again. They find the next bomb and the cyborg disarms it with his extra abilities. The officer turns on Lando. The truce is over. Lando has been pushed off the edge of Cloud City and is now falling through space towards Bespin.

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