Star Wars comic book 1982 issue 55

Princess Leia and company have landed on planet Arbra to see if it is suitable to use as a rebel base. She and her team set up camp. So far, the team is liking this planet. Chewbacca does not like one of the native animals. Several of the animals are in the camp, they seem to want attention. Leia has to call the base first. She tells him to orbit the fleet in an elliptical. And to leave them if they don’t give a special code for pick up. Lando takes the Falcon and heads back to Bespin to check on everyone. Luke has to give a debriefing to the Rebel leaders about what happened on the Tarkin. Back in the camp, some of the animals decide to sleep with the rebels. Once everyone is asleep the animals start eating everything energy and power sources. When everyone wakes, they are shocked. Leia orders Chewie to stop the animals. He is happy to oblige. The one that gets caught communicates telepathically. He explains they are power eaters who do not use technology. He apologizes as well. They live in a cave that acts as a natural way to balance the planets energy. They gnaw on the energy rods when they need to eat. A monster comes out of the forest and grabs one of them. Chewbacca tries to help but winds up off the ground too. Leia grabs a blaster that still works and shoots at it. It retreats but not from pain, from surprise. The little creature explains that the monster did not start on this planet. He drifted through space and wound up on this planet due to it’s gravitational pull. This monster sought heat after being in space for so long. It took over their cave. Princess Leia tells the little animal they will help them with the monster in their cave. Then they can also power their radio to call Luke in three days. The next day the rebels and the animals go to the gave to lure the monster out. It works. The monster gives chase. A group heads for the cave to recharge the blasters. The monster grabs the little animal that has told Leia everything. She saves him. But now it realizes what’s going on and goes after Leia. She is forced into the cave. Leia lures the monster into another trap. Chewbacca springs and grabs tentacles. He drags it through some sharp crystals that pierce it and kill it. They recharge their gear. One of the leaders suggests taking over the cave for their base. The little animals are not happy. Princess Leia steps in. She assures the animals they will not act like the Empire and take the homes of others. They leave the cave. However, the spokes-animal, Plif speaks up. He informs them they can share the cave as invited guests. Leia tells him she thinks she loves him. When the fleet returns they get the news from Leia: the planet is safe and now their new base. The rebels begin to celebrate and descend to the planet. Elsewhere on Bespin, Lando is shocked to find it deserted. He lands to investigate.

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