Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 16 (story 1)

One of the girls at Etta’s school has a nightmare about a horrible black monster. But she insists that the monster was in her room, not in her dreams. She starts sobbing because she failed a test, and her father is going to disown her. Etta tries to calm her so she can sleep. When they check on her in the morning she is gone and her room is a mess. Etta finds the pitchfork that Lorrie described seeing. She decides to call Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman races to find out what happened. Wonder Woman immediately recognizes the fork. It’s King Pluto’s fork of fate. Wonder Woman goes to Paradise Island to consult the wisdom of the ancient Amazons. She arrives and is greeted warmly. Wonder Woman takes the fork into Aphrodite’s Temple. Her statue immediately comes to life. She furious about the fork. Wonder Woman explains quickly what has happened. Aphrodite reminds her about Persephone and what happened to her. The goddess tells her to go with her mother who will explain what actually happened to the kidnapped girl. The Queen explains the river Styx is actually the part of space between Earth and King Pluto’s realm. She then uses the magic sphere to see what actually happened to the girl. She was kidnapped and taken to Pluto. Her mother warns her of the danger of saving her. At the college, Steve talks with the dean to do experiments at the school. She approves only if it does not distract her students. However, the girls are distracted by all the soldiers. Steve shows a few of the girls that help him and Wonder Woman what the project is. It is a self-starting rocket ship that is powerful enough to reach the farthest planet in the universe. Etta accidentally starts up the rocket ship. Steve races to call Wonder Woman on the mental radio. Wonder Woman can’t stop it, instead she is towed behind it via her lasso. Wonder Woman realizes they are crossing the river Styx. She starts to worry about Pluto. The rocket crashes. The girls exit the ship and are freezing as this planet is icy. Wonder Woman tells the girls to get back on the ship. She tosses down the fork, but this triggers the opening of a giant chasm that they are all sucked into. When they finally hit the bottom, they are all tied up and they are all different colors now. Everyone is trapped. The girls are all drawn towards the castle. She follows them. Weird black hands pull them inside when they arrive. King Pluto gives them all a warning and tells them he is disintegrating Lorrie for defying him. Wonder Woman springs into action, but unfamiliar with Pluto, gets knocked out. Pluto recognizes Wonder Woman. He has her put in with Lorrie. Lorrie informs her the test tube is going to fill with boiling water and they will melt. As water starts to come in, Wonder Woman grabs Lorrie and jumps out of the tube saving them both. The two go to find the rest of the girls. When Etta sees them safe she goes into action too. Pluto becomes afraid and tries to make a run for it, but Wonder Woman catches him. They are now trapped topside. They must retrieve their actual bodies before they leave.

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