Star Wars Comic book 1981 issue 53

Leia Organa sits on her ship. Memories of her former planet Alderaan flood her mind. She is now a leader in the rebel alliance and no longer a senator. She thinks that she failed her father. She wonders if he and her mother were asleep when the planet was destroyed. She relives what happened on the death star when she was captured. Her captain comes to check on her as he heard her cry out. She pretends she fell asleep and had a bad dream. She apologizes for worrying him. He informs her they are nearly at the edge of space. They are trying to find out why the Empire is interested in a planet called Shiva. Scans show Shiva 4 is inhabited. Suddenly, there’s an explosion on the ship. The shuttle took the biggest hit. It and its full gas tanks explode speeding the fire. The captain tries to assess the damage and come up with a plan. He has no idea where the blast came from. They recalibrate the scanners and it turns out they are in the middle of a mine field. The shuttle took most of the damage and the main ship is mostly unharmed. However, the fire is giving off a massive heat signature and it can’t be hidden by their shields. Leia jumps in the shuttle to jettison it. She is willing to trade her life to save the rest of the crew. Her shuttle streaks towards the planet below. She can’t slow it or change its direction. She just has to hope that she can slow it or change its trajectory once it enters the planets atmosphere. The world below is a combination of old and new. The old does not want to give way to the new. A raiding party is trying to capture a human woman. They go to her rescue. The woman is Princess Leia. She survived the crash. She was fighting off the raiders, but her blaster is just about out of juice. These rescuers have arrived in the nick of time. She shouts out for her rescuers to look out. He informs her he will rescue her. He had heard rumors that outcast bands were joining forces. This proves that intel is correct. They finally get the advantage and drive off the raiders. They provide Leia a cloak. Communication is a challenge as their language is not in her data system. They do manage to exchange first names though. She is confused that they use swords and have anti-gravity hovercraft. She also noticed the ruins of a city clearly destroyed by nuclear war. They were in transit to a city that had lost communication with. It’s two days of travel to get there. There was a report of a blinding flash of light hitting the city and communication ended. As they fly he tells her the names of parts of the planes in his language. She learns quickly and some communication can be had. They arrive at the city. It’s been destroyed. The sky above it glows like blue fire. She knows what happened and that its giving off a massive amount of radiation. It was an antimatter bomb. Its not safe to go any closer, but she cannot communicate that to him. Going closer will kill them. She manages to pantomime her message and its understood. The one man who is not talking knows what happened. His think bubble clearly shows he is in league with the Empire and this was a demonstration for him. He’s thrilled with what he sees. Aron has been investigating. He believes its because he chose to go against the old ways and try to start fresh. He can see that it’s the setup of a coup. The peace he has provided the people do not like. They miss war. His wife joins him, but he can think only of Leia. In their chambers she discusses how he has been a hermit crab. His wife implores him to speak with Leia about what has been happening. Leia has told her about the Empire. He’s flustered. His wife and Leia both notice this. All three exit and go to the conference room to speak with the nobility. His thoughts swirl. He believes Leia, but he also needs proof. His wife pointedly tells him she sees that he desires Leia and to choose wisely. He tells her she should be in charge not him. They dance but end full of doubt and questions. One of his aides sticks too closely to Leia through the evening. She bolts from him and Aron steps in. Outside, Leia cries. She misses her home. She doesn’t think the ship she was on survived as there has been no attempt to rescue her. She also feels guilty for enjoying herself this evening. For forgetting everything that has happened. He tries to help her deal with her grief. Moments later, the Empire swoops down and kidnaps Aron and Leia. The man following Leia suddenly races to the balcony after hearing her cry out, but he finds the balcony empty. He’s confused. He was watching the only exit, something is wrong. He alerts security. Aron awakes in a fortress and giant storm troopers haul him to meet someone. His is Sk’ar an Imperial general. He informs Aron that his planet is his next target. He knows Leia is right. Aron tells him he will fight him.

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