Wonder Woman comic book 1945 issue 13 (story 1)

Diana takes a call for Wonder Woman on the mental radio and Steve sees it. He hears her call Queen Hippolyte “mother.” She turns around to find Steve. He deduces she is Wonder Woman. She covers by saying she was instructed to call the Queen mother by the Queen. She then goes on to tell him the Queen has asked her to take mental messages for Wonder Woman too. She sends her mother a quick mental message to keep the cover. She complies. Steve winds up apologizing. Later, Wonder Woman flies’ home in her airplane. Her mother is still playing along with her trick on Steve. Her mother finally expresses her worry. The young Amazon girls think they cannot perform the required tasks, so they fail. She sees girl after girl fail. Wonder Woman tries to inspire them by trying to jump a 150-foot lasso. She succeeds and gets called a wonder amazon. She then challenges them to bind her to a tree with all the ropes and chains they can find. She easily breaks them. She has them roll a 25-ton boulder on her. She easily lifts it. With their confidence built up they easily do all the tasks. Aphrodite appears and thanks Wonder Woman. She then gives her an assignment. She has to go to Venus messengers that are in the sunken garden of Eden at the south pole. Aphrodite flies to Venus. The girls proven worthy will be going to Eden. Aphrodite tells Wonder Woman they all need help immediately. She flies in her airplane and smashes through the ice to get there. She arrives to help. They all know who she is. She is told that Eve has been kidnapped by the seal men. She explains to Wonder Woman where the seal men are. Wonder Woman tells her to swim over with her, but she says they are too weak to swim. Wonder Woman jumps in and starts swimming. She tells them it’s easy. Other women start to jump in and swim with her. When they arrive, they don’t think they can fight the seal men. Wonder Woman shows them they can. They try but soon only Wonder Woman is left standing. Wonder Woman is forced to surrender, or the prisoners will be killed. She asks what will happen to them. They will work in the garden but be frozen until needed. He finds Wonder Woman amusing so he decides to show her their ice bound maidens. He walks her through the process. She is impressed. He steps away and she breaks her chains. Then she grabs her lasso. She lassos him and makes him thaw them all. They all come back to life. She asks where the others are. They are in the freezing room. She keeps him lassoed and reties herself to pretend to be a prisoner. She makes him take her to the freezing room. They enter just as the process is about to begin. The prince makes them stop and free the prisoners. Suddenly, he gives a command to kill them all. Wonder Woman steps in and starts fighting. The girls follow her lead. They all safely return to Eden. Wonder Woman heads off after telling them to call on the mental radio if they need help again.

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