Wonder Woman comic book 1944 issue 11 (story 2)

Wonder Woman has captured the hypnotist. She uses her lasso on her. It’s not the actual woman but instead her assistant. Serve tells Wonder Woman that Hypnota’s blue ray is real and enslaves all but Wonder Woman. She, herself, is enslaved. He originally was just using stage tricks. During a stage practice Serve fired a real gun at him instead of a prop gun. He was saved. The doctor had to do a rare procedure that involved his emotion center. As he recovered, the blue light would emit directly from his eyes. The doctor realizes what it is and that his surgery released it somehow. He tries to operate to fix it but before he can, Hypnota uses the ray on him to control him. He turned the nurse, into his servant, as well. She has no memories of what she has done since being enslaved. Wonder Woman decides to introduce her to Diana Prince. Serva thinks she is safe at Diana’s but Hypnota is outside the window. He sneaks in and uses the blue ray on her again. He wants to know where Wonder Woman is. He wants her to find Wonder Woman for him. Diana’s senses pick up what’s going on and she wakes up. She runs to the room and Hypnota tries his ray on Diana. He rips off her glasses, thinking that they protect her from his ray. She pretends to be hypnotized so he doesn’t recognize her as Wonder Woman. She toys with him about not being able to bring Wonder Woman any closer than she is right now. She offers to give Wonder Woman a message. She lets him escape and takes Serva to Holliday school for her safety via a trunk. Etta lets her out when she arrives. Serva starts to attend the school and join a sorority. She learns to ice skate. She even makes it onto the hockey team. Etta’s team is going to play a men’s team. She wants Wonder Woman to help. When she arrives, Serva is taken over by Hypnota’s command. She is forced to go to him via secret tunnels. She tells him about the hockey game. Serva turns up after being missing for two days. It’s now time for the hockey game. Etta is nervous because Wonder Woman hasn’t arrived yet. Diana tells her that her team can win no matter what. Etta is doing a great job at goalie. She hits a puck with her stick, it flies across the rink and lands in the goal. This inspires her team, and they score three more goals. Serva goes to Etta and uses the blue ray on her to make her miss the goals. Etta’s performance goes down and goals are getting through. They are now down six to four. Diana is not sure what’s happening. She goes to the locker room and changes in to Wonder Woman. She puts on her skates too. She plays center and goes on the offense immediately. She scores several times and leads the team to a ten to six victory. During the celebration, the hockey team disappears. Serva has led them off down the river. She heads off down the river but goes so fast she trips over a wire. She falls into the icy water and chooses to stay under to avoid more traps. Serva is ushering the hockey team, telling them they are all hypnota’s slaves now and Wonder Woman is dead. Wonder Woman suddenly still comes through the ice. Etta tells her she couldn’t remember how to play hockey after Serva talked to her. Then Serva talked to all of them and they wound up here. Serva tells Wonder Woman all she can remember without the lasso. Etta happily offers Wonder Woman some candy.

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