Wonder Woman 1944 issue 9 (story 3)

The men of Queen Darla’s country decide to rule based on the ending of the Golden Age and them being stronger. One woman says she bets the wives just submitted. The women did not want to fight them with clubs. Wonder Woman challenges Domo. Even offers to have her legs tied with her lasso. Wonder Woman parries every blow he tries to hit her with. But he finally manages to break Wonder Woman’s club. She catches his knockout blow her bracelet and his club breaks. She moves on to her fists and wins. He admits defeat. But Domo’s wife is mad she hurt her husband. Darla, at her wits end, resigns as queen and decides to go to a different part of the world. Darla tells anyone who wishes to be ruled by a loving woman to come with her. Darla makes the offer to Giganta as well. She picks Darla and says women will treat her more kindly. They sail away and land. They build a small village. The professors machine gets set up as well. Giganta is still tied with Wonder Woman’s lasso. She accidentally touches the machine with it and it starts. Steve comes in and tries to stop her, but Giganta tries to stop him. They wind up moving about 100,000 years forward to Greece. He recognizes the Amazon language. Two women fight over Steve. He tries to run and trips over Giganta. She is still tied by the lasso and while she can’t untie it she can use the untied part to catch Steve. She forces him to untie the lasso on her. The two Amazons fighting over Steve congratulate the other on catching him. An Amazon patrol comes upon Wonder Woman and her group. Wonder Woman is taken to the city gate. She tells the Amazon she’ll race her and ride as fast as she can’t. Etta has to hitch a ride. The Queen she is taken to is actually her mother, only Wonder Woman has not been born yet. The Queen gets a strange feeling like Wonder Woman is her daughter. She welcomes her to Amazonia. The Queen tells her Amazonia is in danger. Wonder Woman offers to help. She tells Wonder Woman that they were allies of the Trojans but Troy fell and the Greeks want revenge. The girls are all away hunting husbands. Wonder Woman tells her to send a swift message for all the girls to come back. She’ll hold him off till they return. She winds up challenging Achilles. They bind her and take her for questioning. She challenges him in person. He finds it funny. She breaks her bindings easily. She grabs his sword and whacks him to get his attention. He threatens to cut her in pieces. She hands him his sword and dares him too. They agree to fight in full view of the Greeks and Amazons. The sword fight begins. As it continues he thinks he’s winning. She does an amazing somersault over him and lands in the perfect fencing position. She knocks the sword from his hand. The Greeks charge her. She knows she can’t do this forever, fighting them all, but for now it’s fun. The Amazon sisters arrive with their reluctant husbands, see the fight and race to join it. Steve manages to free himself of Giganta and charges the pile on Wonder Woman. The Greeks start to flee and the Amazons pursue. She jokes to Steve she shouldn’t untie him since is husband hunting season. She laughs at his reply as he says he wouldn’t mind, he keeps proposing anyway. But she tells him she will stay a working a girl for now. Wonder Woman announces that Giganta discovered her lasso is charged with electricity and can power the machine so they can return to the 20th century AD.

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