Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 34

Han is leading the rebels to rescue Luke. He has Princess Leia on board. She’s already laying into him. He assures her he will get them through the asteroid field. Leia reminds him that the rebels don’t have any ships to spare. Han reminds her he only has one life. R2D2 and C3PO are playing space chess. R2 wins and C3PO is shocked. Han is getting ready to jump and he wants to warn the fleet of what to expect. In the asteroid belt, Tagge confirms that both towers are installed. The towers cover the whole of the asteroid belt. The barron goes on about family honor, while his brother who invented it is just simply happy that something he created is going to be used. The scientist brother also knows that he is next in line if something happens to his brother, the Barron. The lightsaber battle is mentioned. The scientist was the only one who thought the boy might win and that’s why he took precautions while his brother did not. The barron is quite devasted that he lost the battle. He’s still in the med bay. Luke is flying the sabotaged ship and quickly learning just what a mess he is in. Luke is forced to eject from the fighter he is in. The ejected chair takes him in the wrong direction. So he tries the jet pack on the survival outfit. It still works. Luke tries to let the force guide him. Han comes out of hyperspace and one by one so does the rebel fleet. He instructs them all to stay in line behind him and follow carefully. He then tells Leia to strap in just to be safe. She gives him a kiss for good luck. Tagge’s systems tell them that the rebel fleet is getting close to the towers. Someone asks if they are a safe distance away not to get caught in the Omega Frost. The scientist informs his general brother that as long as they are not between the towers they are safe. He also suggests the cruisier move closer to get better pictures of the destructions for the Empire. Luke used the jetpack to get to the closest tower. He’s worried he’s going to crash into it. He uses his lightsaber, by turning it on and off, to slow his descent. When he sees the tower, he realizes it is much larger than the ones on Tatooine. He starts trying to attack the tower with his lightsaber. He’s thrown back by a force shield. He starts to get upset. Tagge gets a report that someone tried to attack the tower. He then gives the order to turn them on and start the Omega Frost. Meanwhile, Leia is starting to worry. One ship already had to turn around due to damage. Han assures her they are at the halfway point. Han’s scanners go crazy. Everything ahead of them has turned to ice. He realizes that it’s a trap they are about to fly into. And General Tagge is upset as they activated the towers before the rebels arrived, so they have warning of what’s ahead. But the scientist is not worried. Luke continues to attack the tower with the force guiding him. He manages to make a hole. The force field protection did not go below the surface of the asteroid. On the Falcon, they have entered the Omega Frost zone, but they have not turned into icicles. Han wants to turn back but Leia stops him. Scientist Tagge is upset as Skywalker defeated him as well. He starts calling for his oldest brother. Those on the bridge of the Tagge ship start to freak out. The rebels know their plans, that Junction is a trap and likely have intercepted their transmissions. It appears too late. The scientist goes to his brother the barron and tries shaking him awake. He tells his brother he needs him and he comes too. Luke is now nearly out of air. Princess Leia tells Han that the sensors pick up Luke and that he is still alive. He tells her not to worry as he has never missed a rescue.

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